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Investing In Your Health... You'll Love The Returns von Shelton, Will (eBook)

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Investing In Your Health... You'll Love The Returns

This book examines current diets to help you make decisions about your eating style as well as taking a look at sleep patterns in association with our overall health. Health and physical education warrant a bigger role in our children's overall health and well-being. One of the chapters is entitled: Games People Play, which focuses on games you played growing up. Will Shelton is deeply concerned that some neighborhoods, including parks are too violent for youth to play in. He presents some innovative ideas that can help curtail violence in neighborhoods. 'We need to bring back pride as a core value in some neighborhoods so youth have a vested interest in their respective neighborhoods, by creating jobs, safe parks and recreational centers, better teachers, principals, other school staff, school curriculum, mentorship programs, rites of passage programs, violence prevention programs, better training of police and dramatically stop how guns, drugs and other weapons enter neighborhoods.' -Will Shelton Will Shelton's book Investing in Your Health... You'll Love the Return is an insightful and innovative look at our personal health status and how we can improve it. It examines why we eat the foods we select. It answers the following questions and so much more: What can we specifically do to defeat the #1 Killer of Americans using empirical data? Is healthcare a right or privilege? What are the factors that are affecting our health? What cellular 'Master Switch' can be turned on by eating the right kinds of foods to prevent diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other diseases? How do you unlock the subconscious mind to health, wealth and contentment? Why Financial Principles are a requirement for total health happiness? Why is generational health and wealth a vital legacy, in terms of passing the Torch of Health and Wealth to this generation of youth? How does the Glycemic Index help lower sugar intake? How can Stress Busters techniques and activities help with stress? You are a cornucopia of endless treasure. Now is the time to claim your treasure by Investing In Your Health... You'll Love the Returns! Will Shelton is a husband, father, grandfather, brother, relative and friend. He also is a powerful believer in God and His Magnificent Creations. Will Shelton is a cancer survivor of over ten years who feels God has work for him. Will Shelton feels that part of that work is this book. In his twenty five year career for the NY City Department of Education, he was a Health Teacher and Director of SPINS Program (Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program). Today he is retired. In his retirement, Will Shelton found time to develop his love for writing. Shelton states: 'I always had a love for learning, which started with God planting the learning seed in me. My parents, family, friends, and teachers watered that learning seed.' Shelton has earned a Bachelor's of Science in Community Health Education from York College, Jamaica NY, a Master's Degree in Health Education from Hunter College, NY, a Master's Degree in School Counseling, LIU-CW Post, Long Island, NY, and an Advanced Certificate in Administration and Supervision (Ed.S.) from City College, NY. Will Shelton has a Poetry book coming out soon, entitled: Inspiring Poems From My Soul, A Collection of Poems. Visit Will at www.Will-Shelton.com


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Investing In Your Health... You'll Love The Returns

Chapter 1

Why Health?

"It's not where you start-
it's where you finish that counts."

Zig Ziglar

Far too many people worldwide are dying from diseases and suffering from illnesses that can be prevented in many cases. If these illnesses can't be prevented, they can be reversed to some degree. In an article entitled, Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the U.S. by Hannah Nichols, she lists the Top 10 Causes of Death in the U.S. including: heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, accidents (unintentional injuries), stroke (cerebrovascular disease), Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney disease, and suicide.

Amazingly out of this top list of 10, all can be prevented with the exception of Alzheimer's and type I diabetes (juvenile-onset which accounts for about 5% of young people diagnosed with diabetes). Alzheimer's can't be prevented according to medical research. As an optimist I feel medical research just might not be aware of a cure for Alzheimer's, respectfully.

For instance, Dr. Jonny Bowden's book entitled "The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth," explains that Huperzine A has shown promise in an ongoing phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of Huperzine A in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Huperzine A is a naturally occurring alkaloid that comes from the Huperzia serrata plant. It's also called the Chinese club moss plant. It has been used extensively in Chinese medicine for fevers and inflammation. Recently research has demonstrated that Huperzine A works in the brain in the prevention of the breakdown of a vital neurotransmitter needed for memory and cognition. Dr. Bowden recommends as added effectiveness to include Huperzine A at 60 200 mcg., Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) at 60-200 mcg., a daily antioxidant or vitamin supplement, Ginkgo biloba at 120-480 mg. in divided doses, Omega-3 fatty acids at 1-3 g per day. The National Institute on Aging is conducting these trials in about twenty-nine different medical centers and universities throughout the United States.

Also medical research from Hannah Nichols' article suggests there are procedures you can take that may help to delay the onset of acquiring dementia. It appears that the factors that increase the risk for heart disease have also been shown to increase the risk for Alzheimer's disease. In Chapter 4, I have a graph demonstrating the Alzheimer's Risk from Saturated Fat that was conducted by the Chicago Health and Aging Project. Here are a couple of health protocols you can follow to help delay the onset of Alzheimer's, as follows:

' Follow a cardiovascular protocol, for examples stop smoking

' Avoid excess alcohol

' Eat a plant-based diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables

' Stay away from red meat

I know it's hard to achieve, but try to do it gradually. If you can do cold turkey, fine. Get regular exercise (2.5 hours) 30 minutes for five days with two days off. Again, always check with your doctor first, before undertaking anything that I suggest.

There's remarkable good news for adults. Type 2 diabetes (adult-onset accounts for 90-95% of all diagnoses cases of diabetes). According to Hannah Nichols, "unlike with Type 1 Diabetes, there are numerous ways to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. A number of studies have shown that regular physical activity can significantly reduce the risk, as can maintaining a he

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