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Think & Grow Well Create and Preserve Your Total Health von Barr, Lori L. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 28.02.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Think & Grow Well

In Think & Grow Well, Dr. Barr shares fourteen stories of moments where people make decisions that either make or break their vitality. Deconstruct their stories and learn exactly what steps to take to strengthen your physical and non-physical faculties to create and build your better than ever life before a health challenge. You will learn how to: reset the subconscious controls responsible for unhealthy habits; act with confidence in the moments where health is in the balance; communicate your vitality needs to your wellness team; erase mental tattoos that keep you stuck in your current thinking; replace three feelings that crush creativity and imagination. Live stronger, longer and more vibrantly than you ever imagined possible and do it in a surprisingly short amount of time. You set your own pace for health creation and preservation. After reading this book, you will have a different vitality conversation with yourself and your healthcare provider.


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Think & Grow Well

Chapter 2

The Illness Wears Prada

(Strip Away Malaise)

You better stay away from him;

he'll rip your lungs out, Jim .

Huh. I'd like to meet his tailor .

-Warren Zevon

Lesson Summary

- Three uncharacteristic emotions accompany disease: worry, fear, and doubt.

- Recognition of the nonphysical portions of your being helps you to understand from whence these emotions arise.

- These emotions arise from three primary sources: your genetic programming, your environment, and your paradigms.

- Awareness to sensory triggers increases when one reflects on past shocking events.

Darcie's Story

"This turkey is just moist enough to make a great sandwich," thinks Darcie as she chews. She enjoys the new smell of the remodeled kitchen that mingles with the turkey. Suddenly, tingly prickles assault a spot of mayonnaise and black pepper at the right corner of her mouth. Her eyes widen. She sighs in disbelief that it has started again: her tongue feels like a slug sliding over a grain of salt. A dentist's numbing needle could not have been more effective in spoiling this solitary meal.

This is not supposed to be happening. The doctor said the swelling and numbness were side effects of medicine she used to take, so six months ago she had stopped all of her medicines, and it had not happened in all that time. She quickly rises and moves to a place of safety. She knows that she has only a few minutes before the darkness comes and the world slips away. Darcie is afraid. The last time she was in her car, luckily in her driveway, when her neighbor found her. Her tongue feels like a balloon nursing a helium tank. She calls her husband.

"It ith happening again!" she musters, and speaks as clearly as she can as her tongue swells. "I hope it isn't a stroke," she thinks, because strokes run in her family.

"Don't worry," he reassures, "this is no different from the last spell."

Tears stream from her eyes as a blinding pain seems to pierce her skull base. Even though she has not fallen, her head hurts as if the floor reached up and smacked her. From the safety of her pillow, she quietly squeezes back the tears of frustration as she wonders if she will ever be truly free of this mysterious pain. Who is this unknown assailant robbing her of her vitality?

Worry, Fear and Doubt

An illness, conjuring emotions as powerful as an otherworldly specter, has just paid Darcie a visit. He is a tall, brooding stranger in dark yet stylish trappings. He and all of his relatives, all manner of diseases, injuries, and illness clothe themselves in the same stylish garb. Illness stalks the unaware in a kilt of fear, a cloak of worry and a hood of doubt that aids the illness as it abducts vitality. Just as Darcie struggles with her feelings (she still doesn't have an answer), so does every other individual who experiences unnamed diseases.

Action Interlude

Reread Darcie's story and identify the following:

What did she fear?

What caused her worry?

What did she doubt about herself?

Why are diseases so frightening?

You Are More Than Just a Body

The main reason we become victims in this cycle is that as modern, self-absorbed, fashion-conscious individuals, we identify more with our bodies than we should. You are not a body; you have a body. It is an instrument of your being. It is yours to use for a time, just like your blunt-tipped scissors from the first grade. Your body is a tool designed to serve you for a finite time as you interact with other living beings and your world. So if you are a not a body, what exactly are you?

Your Non-Physical Self

You are a spiritual being that has unbounded potential for connection, creation, and translation. Don't believe it? Consider the effect of death. Death is th

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