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Puppy Love 7 Simple Strategies To Raising A Well Behaved Golden Retriever Puppy von Becher, Martina Annelie (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.11.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Puppy Love

Would you like to have a puppy who listens and loves you back? This book will give you all the knowledge you need to bring up and train the puppy of your dreams. Full of useful, easy to follow tips that help you bring up your Golden Retriever puppy without the pain so many puppy parents complain about. You will learn how to organize your pup's first nights, how to house train her without problems, how to teach her to be on her own for a while and how to bond with her. Knowing about her developmental stages as well as her brain development will make training easy for you. So that you can enjoy those all important first month with your Golden puppy and create a wonderful love relationship with the dog of your dreams. This book is for the first time owner as well as the experienced Golden Retriever parent who may find a wealth of new facts about puppy development stages and puppy brain development which make educating your puppy easier than ever. If you are unsure if you should get a Golden Retriever, this book is for you too. A Golden Retriever isn't for everyone but the right person who gets a Golden will never look back. Puppy Love will give you all the insights you need to decide whether or not this gentle breed is right for you.


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Puppy Love

Become your Golden Retriever's favourite person, the one she will love with all her heart, the one she will look up to for guidance and who means the world to her.

Understand your puppy's development and psychology and educate him to be the most wonderful friend you could ever wish for.

Learn how to express your love for your puppy in a way that supports his development and helps him become a great personality.

Become the perfect person for that unique puppy of yours and make your dream come true!

Take the first steps to training your youngster without intimidation or force; learn how to quickly and safely train him to go toilet outside, to feel safe and secure in your home; teach him to stay on his own for a while when you need to go out.

Learn how to train your Golden Retriever to get fast and proven results in harmony with his own nature.

This unique ebook will help you to create the most awesome relationship with your little Golden friend. By following the easy step-by-step plan I have outlined for you, you will be able to easily understand your puppy so that you can teach her all she needs to know and have fun doing it.

Being a dog parent has been your dream for a long time and now you have finally decided to make that dream come true. Congratulations because this is your first step into a wonderful new life full of beautiful and rewarding experience!

By choosing a Golden Retriever you have decided to share your life with a dog who will do his very best to never let you down. His beauty, gentleness, biddability and his great will to please are his greatest assets. Easy to train and always ready to forgive he will soon mature into the friend of a lifetime.

But Golden Retrievers are very special!

Not only are they biddable and gentle, they also like to carry things, some of them do it all day long. They don't care what it is, as long as it can be picked up and carried!

This Golden habit will change your life for ever, I promise you. Your shoes and boots, your socks and jumpers, your scarf and even the remote TV control don't really belong to you any more. They now belong to your Retriever! Even though he may have toys you call "his", he has some very different ideas on the subject. Life is just not worth living if, as a Retriever, you ain't got nothing to carry!

Objects will be scattered all over and you will spend endless hours looking for something only to find it in his basket somewhere. The upside of this is that you will always be greeted with a present when you come home and so will your visitors; the downside is that you will have to become just that little bit more careful to put your most valuable possessions into a "Golden-proof place".

At the moment your future big boy or girl is still a little puppy with soft fur and big dark eyes. Being with her, enjoying precious moments is so much fun for both of you. Almost to the degree that you sometimes wish she would stay forever your little baby.

At the same time having a puppy is quite an adventure. Many questions arise during the days and nights. Sometimes you and your family may feel overwhelmed and wonder if getting a puppy was indeed the right decision, or if it might have been better to get a somewhat older Golden Retriever.

On the other hand having a puppy is your unique chance to really make sure that your dog gets all the right treatment right from the start. That he is not being mistreated, neglected or trained the wrong way. You want him to trust people, to feel safe and secure and to develop into a great personality. You want his life to be happy from the word "

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