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The Dark Side of Sports Exposing the Sexual Culture of Collegiate and Professional Athletes von Pappas, Nick T. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.12.2011
  • Verlag: Meyer & Meyer
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The Dark Side of Sports

Elite-level athletes are placed upon heightened pedestals in societies world-wide. At the same time, there is a dark side to these glorified competitors that remains hidden from those outside of exclusive athletic circles. Dr. Nick Pappas' athletic background in collegiate and professional sports has provided insider access, enabling him to uncover an array of disturbing sexually deviant and aggressive behaviors, which have silently thrived for decades in many athlete cultures. These findings, expressed through the athletes' own words, are the result of more than 10 years of cutting-edge research involving in-depth interviews with 142 collegiate, minor, and major league athletes from five prominent U.S. sports. Written in an engaging style, 'The Dark Side of Sports' is a must read with messages not only for athletes, coaches, managers, and administrators, but also for parents, women, students, and sports enthusiasts. While these important discoveries are certain to shock, raise awareness, and provide a wake-up call for those in and outside of the sports world, they also promote a sense of urgency for taking action to prevent and address these harmful behaviors. 'The Dark Side of Sports' has strong appeal for diverse audiences because it highlights the need for risk management in every male athletic culture. This includes individuals with direct involvement in sports such as athletes, coaches, managers, administrators, and support staff, who see the importance of addressing and deterring potentially harmful and dangerous behavior that can ruin an athletic program's reputation in an instant. At the same time, this book serves as an invaluable resource for parents, women, and fans by raising awareness to the significant issues surrounding a darker, hidden side of sports. Nick Pappas, Ph.D., is a former collegiate and professional ice hockey player and coach who earned a doctorate degree in Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Sociology of Sport from The Ohio State University. This unique background in combination with his experience as a researcher, professional counselor, and college professor have given Dr. Pappas a distinct vantage point into both social and athlete behavioral issues that are highlighted in this one-of-a-kind book. As a dynamic speaker, Dr. Pappas provides presentations on athlete-related topics and concerns including out-of-sport athlete deviancy and aggression in order to promote personal and team excellence to athletes at all levels. He resides in Big Rapids, Michigan and can be contacted through his website.


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The Dark Side of Sports

Chapter 1

Athletes' Exhibitionism, Deviant Masturbation, and Bodily Discharges

Hearing words like male exhibitionism, deviant masturbation and bodily discharges stirs up thoughts of sinister older men with mental health issues who appear in dark alleys wearing long overcoats. Now ask yourself if such reactions would be the same if these behaviors occurred among a highly regarded group of young men who also happened to be elite-level athletes? People may laugh with disbelief or question the source, but it is true: Male athletic environments offer a unique and protective safe haven where young men are relatively free to speak and act in whatever way they please. This enables profanity-filled stories highlighting sexual exploits, bravado, deviancy, and/or aggression to flourish because virtually no one monitors athletes but themselves while they remain within sheltered strongholds including locker rooms. 1 Moreover, the same holds true when it comes to behavior because some athletes choose to differentiate themselves by engaging in bizarre and often repulsive behaviors which reward them with special identities and status while simultaneously revealing a darker, hidden side of sports. 2 Athletes' desire for entertainment, bragging rights, and one-upmanship often motivate an array of outrageous behaviors which raise both questions and eye-brows even when they remain confined to all-male athletic environments. At the same time, a variety of deviant practices can and do make their way into the public domain, which dramatically increases the potential risks and negative impact for everyone involved. It will become apparent that all-male sports environments encourage bizarre and outrageous behaviors even though some are harmful, demeaning, and have the potential to create all kinds of problems and consequences.


Athletes spend tremendous amounts of time training, socializing, and living together which results in deep histories and friendships within certain teams. This is particularly true at the collegiate level where players can spend four or five years together on a team. As a result of their bonding, many athletes feel very safe and comfortable with their teammates, and this is reflected in players' language as well as their behaviors. 3 Since the locker room is the predominant safe haven where athletes spend extensive time together, it is logical to assume that some uninhibited displays and clowning will involve sexual behaviors in this secluded environment. For example, a wrestler and a collegiate baseball and hockey player described a variety of sexual antics and nudity among collegiate teammates in this way:

I mean in a shower you did all kinds of stupid things, you know, put hot water in your mouth and hold your dick and put it on like you spit it out, as if you're peeing on him, stupid stuff like that...I mean, you know, when there were a bunch of guys sitting there talking in a room about the girl they laid and some guy's grabbing himself and wanting to expose himself and show him that he's got a hard on, that's about extent of [it] you know, [and] everybody saying you know, "Get the hell out of here, what are you doing?" yea we had a couple of guys that just wanted to show off I think at times.

I remember there was one sick guy [laughs] on the fucking baseball team...he wasn't circumcised and in the shower...as a practical joke...he was always messing with [it], he'd fill up his fucking...dick...the extra skin with water and walk over to him and fucking spray him, which is probably one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen [laughs] in my life. And he'd do it on a regular occasion, but other than that man, nothing crazy.

...in the showers, people are

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