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Daily Fantasy Sports von Correia, Jay (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.04.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports, the book, explores the impact of fantasy sports in America today. Take a stroll in fantasyland and discover everything there is to know about daily fantasy sports. Learn about the legal challenges, how we got in this mess, and what choices the industry now faces in order to save fantasy sports. The author helps you connect the dots, all while keeping you entertained with thoughtful quotes, tips on how to play, and more.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 23.04.2016
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Daily Fantasy Sports

CHAPTER 1 It's a Game of Skill As the Beastie Boys once said, "I've got the skills to pay the bills." Fantasy sports is not gambling, it is a game of skill. That is not an opinion. It is an easily provable and consistently repeatable fact. Gambling, by its very definition, involves nothing more than pure chance. For example, if you throw a six-sided die, it has an equal outcome as to what side it will show. That is a chance unless you are cheating. Period. With fantasy sports, the situation is quite the contrary. You need to think about what you are doing in order to be successful. You need to look at statistics, weather, prior outcomes, injuries, and other variables that involve a decision-making process in order to establish a pick. Those that skillfully apply their knowledge to make picks will almost always win, as compared to the person who randomly makes choices. Here's an example of a skill-based scenario with daily fantasy sports: I still need a quarterback for my team this week. The New England Patriots play the New York Jets. Hmmmm. That should be a fairly defensive game, given the fact that the New York Jets have a pretty solid defense and always seem to play the Patriots well, right? Well, let me think about this. How have these teams typically played against each other in the recent past? Oh wow! According to these teams seem to regularly put up 30+ points against one another. That's not what I thought! Well, before I pick the ever-reliable Tom Brady, let me see who else is available for the same amount of remaining salary. Oh. I can do Matt Ryan on the road against the Titans! The Titans aren't that good. That's a tough one. Well, it looks like it is going to be crappy weather in Nashville this weekend and from everything I've been following, I think Brady is the QB more likely to put up the 300+ yards and 3TDs I'm looking for. [ add button pressed ] Here's an example of a gambling-based game: This "Flying Buffalo" game looks cool and exciting. Let me sit down here and give it a shot. Hmmmm. Should I really put the $5 in the machine? I guess so. Why not? There is a chance I could win. I mean, I know all these machines are connected and the computer is going to randomly decide who wins and when it is time to win. I know it is all rigged to ensure a certain outcome, but okay, what the heck. What's life without taking a chance? Darn. I lost. Let me do it again. Cool. I almost won my money back! Let's do it again. That guy over there with the pretty blonde on his lap seems to be happy. Maybe they won. At least I'm still having fun. Maybe I'll hit the craps table and throw dice if my next pull on this blinking buffalo thing doesn't pan out. As you can see, these two situations are easily distinguishable. Despite the propaganda that some of those in Las Vegas may be trying to shove down your throat, fantasy sports is not gambling, it is a game of skill. Additionally, a user is not compelled when playing fantasy sports to play for any set amount of money. They can choose to play for free. They can choose to only play friends. They can choose to play in a private league (offered by websites such as GoDraft.com) in which the general public can't even participate. They can choose to play for $1.00, $100, $1,000, and so on. The user understands the circumstances and what they are getting themselves into. Ultimately, it is the skills and choices made by the user. So wait a moment. If "daily fantasy sports" are a game of skill, then why isn't "sports betting" a game of skill too? Well, you have a point. Largely, the basic concept of sports betting is more along the lines of a skill-based game than a gamble. That is why there are odds. The point spread or money-line concept helps

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