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The Legendary Ten From Humble Beginnings to Big Business von Boedker, Brian (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Legendary Ten

The Legendary Ten provides a comprehensive insight to the best European football Clubs. It shows the clubs Ownership and Organisation and which Strategy and Tactics have provided Results, both on and off the pitch. Among all the European football clubs there are ten which are legendary. These ten clubs are: Real Madrid, AC Milan, Liverpool FC, FC Bayern München, FC Barcelona, FC Internazionale, AFC Ajax, Manchester United, Juventus FC and SL Benfica. These ten clubs have all set clear marks in football history and have all ruled supreme for more than one period. They continue to be among the best in the world, because they have the ability to attract benefiters, which enables the club to have a world-class team which wins Cups. Year after year. Decade after decade. Some clubs are good. Some clubs are great. And some clubs are legendary. And Legends never die - they reload! The Legendary Ten shows the similarities of these ten best European football clubs, and where they differ. It shows why these ten legendary clubs are too big to fail due to their status as social institutions, which give hope, meaning and cohesion between their supporters. The Legendary Ten shows why and how the best European clubs want to be successful, and how they bring meaning, cohesion and pride to thousands of people. It shows that winning is the style, which always endures, but also shows why a beautiful defeat can be useful in a greater context. If you find that football clubs are just organisers of twenty-two players chasing a ball, this book will give you the insight to why football clubs is so much more than that. And if you are a football-nerd, there is loads of new insights and knowledge about your favorite clubs.


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The Legendary Ten

INTRODUCTION Why does Real Madrid have a fanatical urge to win? Why does FC Barcelona have the need to play beautiful football? Why do FC Internazionale play so cynically? Who is the man in Ajax Amsterdam's logo? What is so special about the Kop at Liverpool's Anfield? How many are members does Bayern Munich have? And how many members does Benfica have ? Why does Silvio Berlusconi want to own AC Milan? How did Manchester United become the most valuable club in the world, and the one with the biggest debt? I don't now if you, dear reader, are puzzled by these types of questions when you are watching a football game, but I am. I am a curious spirit, so I began to investigate them more thoroughly. And once I got underway more and more interesting facts and circumstances appeared. I began to get a more thorough understanding of the clubs mentioned above and a project started to emerge. A project to investigate what is so special about the best European clubs and to describe the ways in which they differ from others. Football is a interesting and exciting game in in itself. But the game of football is also quite useful as a constant variable when comparing different national, social cultural phenomema. Many things in football are the same all over the world. The purpose of football is to score goals and prevent the other team doing so, whether you play in Portugal or Italy. There are two goals and eleven players on each team whether it is played in Spain or Germany. Each game has a referee and two linesmen who oversee and judge the games with a recognised set of rules, whether it is played in England or in Holland. But the colour the players' shirts, which tactics they prefer, which location the games takes place in, how the games and teams are organised and which higher purpose the excitement and joy of the game will fulfill - that differs from club to club and from country to country. Football is so much more than just twenty-two players chasing a leather ball. Football can't save the world, but in some degree can help explain aspects of it. The aim of this book is to show the clubs' historical background, how they are currently doing and what their challenges are in the near future. It charts their timelines quickly from their beginning and until about 2005. From 2005 and until 2014 it explores in-depth what is special about them and how they go from cash to cups. My aim is to reveal the uniqueness of each club, which is best performed by comparing them. No club exits in a world of its own. They exist in a reality with several other clubs all craving to be champions. And since there can be only one champion, they have to evolve in order to conquer in this apex of competiveness. Just like Newton's third law of "action and reaction" every progress and measure taken by one club is followed by countermeasures by their rivals in order to strengthen their position in head-to-head competition. The uniqueness of one club becomes more visible and significant when it is displayed in a context with other clubs, but also when the culture of their home country is taken into account. Differences in ownership, strategy or style of play will be visible in a comparative approach, and thereby expose the unique features of the clubs. Football clubs are a phenomenon that attracts huge interest all over the world. I have always been interested in both the play on the pitch and the work in the clubs' offices. I have always found it fascinating, that in football, some clubs are quantifiably better than others. The champion is always the best and the table never lies. Or does it? Some clubs will apparently do more than others to be the champions. There have been some examples of clubs winning titles through the work in the offices and officials rather than the play on the field, but nonetheless, I am still drawn to the eternal, cyclical story that starts every season an

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