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Stop Dreaming Start Traveling The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and Spending Less von Hannon, Russell (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21.07.2015
  • Verlag: Break the Travel Barrier
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Stop Dreaming Start Traveling

Imagine how your life could be if travel was inexpensive or free. Forget winning the lottery, forget waiting until next year... Whether you're a 5-star traveler, a backpacker, or anywhere in between, you can travel now at a fraction of the going rate. You don't need to quit your job, sell your home or leave your life, Stop Dreaming... Start Traveling has everything you need to travel - without the bill.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 21.07.2015
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Stop Dreaming Start Traveling

FAQ WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? In a world flooded with travel literature that tells you where to go and what to do, here are answers to some questions you may ask before deciding whether to read on: Can this book this really help me? This book can help everyone who has felt the sting of a post-holiday credit card bill or thinks they need to postpone that trip until they save more. If you're sick of paying the going rate and are looking to find ways to get around it, this book will change your travel destiny. How much can I save? If every American used just one tip from this book to save $200 on his or her next trip, $64 billion would be redirected from airlines into travelers' pockets. And that hardly scratches the surface because you are going to save a lot more than $200, $2,000, or $12,000. When you do the math-especially taking into account some dramatic savings-this book could trigger the greatest liberation in travel since the start of commercial aviation and permanently change the dynamics of the travel industry. Does it involve much work? No. In fact, you will get immediate results by simply planning better and thinking differently. The advanced and complex strategies are laid out step-by-step, making them easy to apply. Do I have to radically change my life? Nyet. The strategies in this book are simple enough to apply to any trip or lifestyle. Everything isn't for everyone, but everyone will find dozens of tips, tools, and strategies that will work for them. Do I have to be young, free-spirited, and single? Nein. Whether you're a business traveler, student, retiree, or you have a family, you will learn practical ways to fund your travels. You might be interested in traveling for a cause, participating in events, or getting free travel by organizing group trips. Maybe you want to start a travel-writing business to offset your costs. No matter what you want, all the information you need is right here. What if I can already afford to travel? Those who have the most money are at the highest risk of leaving too much on the table. Not only will you save money, you will have fun doing it and will want to brag about how you're saving it. Must I live like a pauper? Au contraire. You can travel on your own terms for what it costs to stay home and watch travel shows, without compromising your lifestyle. Why You Need This Book... You may not realize it yet, but by purchasing this book, you have gotten the deal of a lifetime. Just use a few tricks from this book, once, and you'll get travel savings worth more than ten times the cost of the book. But that's just the beginning; you will be able to travel five times more on the same budget, pull off a handful of free trips each year, and cut five figures off your future travel costs. Forget winning the lottery, and forget waiting until next year: Whether you're a five-star traveler, a hitchhiking backpacker, or anyone in between, you can travel the world for less than it costs to stay home and be an armchair traveler-with a handful of free trips thrown in to boot! If you don't believe me, keep reading and give me a chance to prove you wrong. My mission is to empower you to travel wherever, however, and as much as you want. This book is literally your passport to the world, and I'm so confident it will dramatically change your travel lifestyle that on the last page I'll invite you to share your opinions online with fellow readers and travelers. You'll be able to say anything about this book, including what you learned, how you used it, and how much you saved. What You Need to Know You are throwing your money away! From surcharges to tourist traps, you are constantly bein

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