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The Winchester Guide to Keywords and Concepts for International Students in Art, Media and Design von Makhoul, Annie (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.06.2014
  • Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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The Winchester Guide to Keywords and Concepts for International Students in Art, Media and Design

This welcome new resource for international students in art, design, and media provides clear explanations of the terminology they must master in order to fulfill their academic potential and enrich their professional careers. - A much-requested new resource that fills a gap in the academic market - Tailored specifically to the needs of international students in art, design, and media - Color-coded key words and phrases for quick reference - Includes sections on study skills, academic expectations in Western institutions, methodologies, and important theorists - An ideal handbook for curators and gallery staff everywhere for whom English is a non-native language Annie Makhoul is head of the Department for International Studies at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK. Dr. Makhoul has been working with international students, particularly from Asia, for a decade and is responsible for the development of Winchester School of Art's international program. Simon Morley is Visiting Fellow in the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK, and Assistant Professor at Dankook University, South Korea. A former Course Leader of the MA in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, and lecturer at Sotheby's Institute, Dr. Morley is a celebrated artist, writer, and lecturer who has exhibited his work internationally and is the author of Writing on the Wall: Word and Image in Modern Art (2003), and editor of The Sublime: Documents in Contemporary Art (2010). His writings and reviews have appeared in such publications as Third Text , Art Monthly , Tate Magazine , and The Independent on Sunday .


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The Winchester Guide to Keywords and Concepts for International Students in Art, Media and Design


Relating to feelings or emotions.
Detailed examination of the elements or structure of something in order to determine its nature, function and meaning, and as a result to better understand its organisational structure.
Use of a concept, often in a new situation. Applying what is learnt in the classroom in new situations. Also, used as a noun, a verbal or written request for assistance, for employment or for admission to an institution.
An assessment or estimation of the worth, value or quality of a person or thing .
Reasons given to demonstrate the truth of claims about something. This requires the use of logic. An extended argument consists of a main conclusion supported by premises, some being conclusions made about related arguments.
A process of analysing and determining the nature and quality of students' work through means appropriate to the subject. The process of using comprehensive evaluation tools to determine the value, significance and level of skill or achievement reached as a result of an education programme.
Similar to a project; a temporary activity with a defined beginning and end. It is undertaken to meet specific goals and objectives, often in relation to an assessment.
A feeling or emotion concerning a fact or a situation; a state of mind; a point of view or an outlook.
A characteristic or quality of a thing.
The state of having knowledge, or being conscious or cognisant.
A list of sources (usually literary) referred to in a research project.
A simplification, summary or abstract of a larger document or series of documents. Used in graphic design and advertising as a noun to describe a short, succinct statement of a project, or an outline or set of instructions.
Fully informed; conscious; aware.
The mental process of knowing, including aspects such as reasoning, awareness and judgement.
The state of understanding the meaning and interpretation of instructions and problems in order to state a problem in one's own words.
The circumstances in which something occurs, and the terms in which it can be fully understood.
convergent thinking
Thinking that brings together information focused on solving a problem (especially solving problems that have a single correct solution).
The ability to make new things or think of new ideas. This typically requires being comfortable with making mistakes and not being in fully conscious control of what one is doing.
critical analysis
An appraisal based on careful analytical evaluation.
critical thinking
A form of judgement, specifically purposeful and reflective judgement. In using critical thinking, one makes a decision or solves the problem of judging what to believe or what to do, but does so in a reflective way. Critical thinking considers the evidence, the context of judgement, the relevant criteria for making an appropriate judgement, the applicable methods or techniques for forming that judgement, and the applicable theoretical const

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