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Pregnancy & Birth A New Generation von Wisdom, Joy (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 04.02.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Pregnancy & Birth

We are all born, impacts from birth are not fully understood or taken into account in present day health disorders. Being more than a maternity book, Joy covers women and children's healthcare aspects, nutrition and looks at alternative choices for childbirth, explains how to avoid PND/PTSD and long-term health disorders. Chapters on Allergies, Skin disorders, MMR, infant trauma and sensitive children's needs. Emotions from challenging, quick and long births creates behaviour patterns that go into adolescence and adulthood, responsibile for our social and psychological problems in today's society stem from birth. Key indicators show increased behavioural problems in our children. i.e: indifference, allergies, anger and frustration, ADHD and Autism. Trends that create emotional impacts from childbirth having knock on effects with health and psychological implications. This book has some of the answers.


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Pregnancy & Birth

3 - Conception Conception comes from synergy and energy. Making a child from the love of two people is magical, but consciousness and preparation are the keys to conception. Setting the scene When planning a pregnancy, you need to set the scene and attend to the smallest detail if you want to get it right first time. Thought is needed as to where you want to conceive. Is that at home or on a romantic holiday or weekend away in a hotel? The choice is yours, but if it is at home you can make it more of a romantic and sensual event. The bedroom needs to be relaxing with soft music, candles or dimmed lights, bed linen clean and smelling seductive and perhaps some rose petals sprinkled upon the bed cover. Have a relaxing bath with oils and put on his favourite clothes. Have loving thoughts and create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in the home in general. Maybe a special meal of your favourite foods, candles on the table set for dinner or with dimmed lights to create the optimum sensual occasion. In some cultures, the women send secret signs with flowers or rose petals on the bed or by dressing in a certain way so that the men know immediately the proposed intimacy. No words are exchanged, just the knowing between two people. It sets the scene and creates an excitement and anticipation between the couple. Creating a life A woman's body has been waiting for this moment of conception. It is what it was formed to do - recreate. It is the most beautiful and wondrous event in the world. When creation is born of love and contentment, a beautiful and magical event takes place and a child is formed from that love, giving the child the foundation for life. It feels safe and secure, wanted and loved from the moment of conception. If you think about it, we create every day in all manner of things. We create the way that we live and how we interact daily. Even making a meal is an act of creation and whether we do it with or without love is of great significance. Creation applies to everything in our lives whether we are aware of it or not. If we cook a meal in a hurry and are tired from the day, the meal tends to get thrown together without much thought or feeling as to what we are eating and how it is going to taste. In this scenario, ask yourself: - Did you enjoy the food? - Did you think it was good or mediocre? - Did the meal make you feel uncomfortable or did it give you indigestion? - Did it lie heavy all evening? Alternatively, when we spend time in a relaxed manner and enjoy the time in preparation, it makes a difference in the taste of the meal. Because love and feeling have gone into the making, we can taste and feel the difference. We feel nurtured and content and a glow emanates throughout the body. This is why we enjoy food prepared by others, such as our partner or friends. We feel nurtured by it, we feel relaxed and we receive good energy because love has gone into the meal. The same applies to conception and creating a life. If we feel loved and happy during intercourse, the embryo conceived will respond and feel nurtured and loved. If, on the other hand, conception occurs as a result of a quickie (a one night stand), some part of the melding goes missing (LOVE) in the process and the experience is incomplete. In this instance discord begins from day one. When the foetus is in the womb it is, and should be, nurtured by the mother's body and emotions.
If, however, the mother is unhappy, resentful and feels guilty, the emotional imprint will be taken into the child's patterns, which will create further discord and be compounded in life. We will look at this in more detail in Chapter 5 when we turn our attention to the mother's emotions. If the

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