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The Bully Blueprint A No Nonsense Guide to Understanding and Dealing with Bullies. von Greer, Virgil A. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 04.04.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Bully Blueprint

The new book titled The Bully Blue Print offers a complete and comprehensive insight in to the mind of a bully, the victims of bullying and how to deal with both


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The Bully Blueprint

Chapter 2

Behaviors that Lead to Bullying

The reason for bullying is perfectly epitomized by the fact that people who should care enough to stop this act from happening do not do so, either because they live in denial or they are in constant fear of the consequences they would face, were they to intrude. While a good part of that might be true for bullying, in truth it stems from inadequacies in the general behavior of the victim or from traits pertaining to the aggressor/bully. In order to identify which traits are true to which people and to overcome bullying, it is important to discuss the different types of people.

Types of People

The world is divided into different cultures, race and religions. Some of the traits that a person has may be subject to the culture or religion they belong to but some basic traits are true for all human beings that make up our planet. It would not be false if we said that they were three basic types of people i.e. nice, difficult and sneaky.

The Nice Person

A person whose goal and demeanor is to be nice, helpful and thoughtful towards others which is the sole aim is known as the nice person. It can be beneficial and rewarding to encounter nice people. The nice person greets others with respects and shows desire to be of assistance to them. Said person is generally a law abiding individual and is always open to criticism and being shown the right direction. While all this is true for a nice person, our attitudes towards such a person may define his/her demeanor towards us.

A negative attitude from our side may convert a nice person into a sneaky or difficult person. So trying to belittle or verbally abuse a nice person may not work in our favor and may well end up transforming the nice person into something else and any assistance or demeanor that we might have expected to get from that person may well vanish.

The Difficult Person

Difficult people are the people we often refer to as having a two faced or dual personality. As these people blow hot and cold, it is often difficult to detect ways to deal with such people. A difficult person may well have been a nice person in the past but circumstances and situations may have made them bitter. Such people are often argumentative but tend to be complaint; they are easily recognized by their body language and tone and can easily be swayed by applying the right verbal tone and demeanor.

The Sneaky Person

Characterized by their ability to deceive other people, sneaky people often manipulate others in believing that they are nice. Initially giving the impression of being willing to help, sneaky people have ulterior motives for doing so. This sneaky character is true for many criminals around the world. Unlike the nice or difficult person, a sneaky person is hard to recognize and that is their ultimate gift. In order to give them an opportunity to act against their target or opponent and to undermine the target's objectives, sneaky people may con them to benefit themselves.

While dealing with people and in order to get a meaningful or desired response from them, it is imperative to know the types of person one is dealing with, whether it is a nice person, a difficult person or a sneaky one.

Behaviors and Traits that lead to being "Bullied"

While it may be true that bullying is a result of traits present in the bully that lead him/her into taking a more offensive/aggressive stance against his/her opponent i.e. the victim of bullying or due to the lack of interference from spectators/third party of bullying, it may not be false if we say that the victim is equally at fault. Many people who have been a victim of bullying may scoff at this claim but the truth of the matter is they may have certain behavioral traits that make them prime targets for bullies. What are the traits? Well you need to carry on rea

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