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Fat Boy with the Bomb

  • Verlag: Myrmidon Books
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Fat Boy with the Bomb

This first attempt to catalogue the world's craziest politicians contains 300 caricatures and profiles drawn from every corner of the globe and representing every shade of the political spectrum. The extent of their lunacy ranges from the endearingly eccentric to the pathologically insane. Here are the fanatics and revolutionaries, the xenophobes and homophobes, Islamists, Zionists and bible thumpers, the anarchists and fascists, extreme libertarians and unreconstructed Stalinists, populists, demagogues and hated despots, the idealistic and the corrupt. Here too are the heretics and non-conformists who have dared to be outspokenly different and whose biggest crime may simply be to have kicked at the traces of mainstream political conformity. Between them they've pronounced that wind turbines have motors in them to fool people they are working, that homosexuality inevitably destroys civilisations, that the world is little more than 4,000 years old, that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by George W. Bush, that virtuous women should refrain from laughter in public and that long hair saps energy from the brain.They've executed their girlfriends, volunteered to be blasted by water cannon, tried to drive Darwin from the classroom, opposed cannabis legalisation while imbibing crystal meth to get them through the day, had themselves deified, been indicted for singing Nazi songs, pretended to be a cat, sobbed hysterically at press conferences and fed their opponents to packs of hungry dogs. Here they all are in their bizarre and colourful plumage in a highly irreverent volume that seems destined to provoke curiosity, controversy and debate.


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