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Jack and Jill von Sue, Brenda (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 26.08.2013
  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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Jack and Jill

",Jack and Jill", (not an easy climb) is a rich account of the lonely life of Tina Mucka. Tina was born the third SON to a French Canadian family in Keene, NH. For years Neal felt out of place in his body. He was depressed and had many learning disabilities, but most of all he was subjected to 19 electro shock therapy treatments for depression. As a result he lost his memory but not of the one crucial event in his life. He didn't forget the loss of his young father and his struggle to survive a violent death.Tina, born Neal Trudelle knew his thoughts and feelings of what it was like to be born living in the wrong body. Without having a sense of humor, Neal wouldn't be alive today. He was looked upon as an outcast, especially when he was born on December 24, 1943. In those day's doctors, let alone his naive parents, knew nothing about a person being born with two distinctive hormones, one male, the other being female. His male parts were very small and he started developing breasts at a young age.


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Jack and Jill



When I was still a teenage boy, trying to act like a "normal" boy, what is a normal boy supposed to be like????? I joined a gang that my brother's and the neighborhood boys belonged to. This wasn't like the West Side Story Gangs, "The Jets or The Sharks." They would have laughed if they saw us. It consisted of a bunch of local boys who liked to talk, bitch and complain about parents, school and everything in life that wasn't going our way. We cut wood, in the little woods we could find in the city and scraps of lumber we scrounged from around the area. We built this little structure, with a shower curtain for a door, and meet there once or twice a week. I remember one day, I think I was around eleven years old, before my sister, Anne, was born; a strange and life changing event occurred that altered my life.

The gang; if that's what you'd call these young, immature, kids; were in the clubhouse, fooling around like young stupid boys do. Dirty stories were told by each and every one of us. Like most young boys we bragged, obviously these tales were made up. All the boys left except me and another boy who was a little older than I was; he was probably thirteen years old at the time. We were fooling around when suddenly, out of the blue, he pulled his pants down to his ankles. I looked at him like he was crazy or was going to take a crap on the club house floor.

Not knowing if I gave off a different vibe or I looked different than the other boys; I'll never know, he told me to suck his penis. I was afraid, but at the same time I liked the thought of what was about to happen. Kneeling down I put his penis into my mouth, I felt as if I was going to gag. I also felt my small penis getting hard. My eyes were closed but I could feel him moving back and forth, heard funny noises emitting from his mouth. Before I knew what was happening, white liquid shot out of the tip of his private. I was mortified. He was laughing and said that was nice. He pulled up his pants and started out the curtain door. He looked back at me and said: "Thanks."

My head was spinning. I liked what I did. BUT, what if word got around that I sucked a boy off? I ran after my supposedly good friend, heart in my mouth, caught up to him and turned him around and begged him not to tell a soul what happened between the two of us. He gave me his word that what took place would never be repeated to anyone. Sure!!!!

Little did I know that children, and as they matured and became adults, could not be trusted to keep their mouths and secrets to themselves. My parents owned a two story house. The tenant was my mother's first cousin and her family. I remember going down to the basement stairs. (it was called a cellar then) I was sitting on the concrete steps and thinking about life in general. At the time one of my brothers or me would have to put coal into the cast iron, large furnace to heat the house. Apparently my cousin, Butch, was sitting on the other side of the wooden partition and knew that I was on the other side. Most likely he saw me going downstairs to the basement. Evidently, he pulled his pants down and stuck his penis through the hole in the wooden gate. He commanded me to suck his penis. The entire world seemed to be twirling around me. I couldn't catch my breath. I thought, 'oh no, not him too.' I was upset that I sort of liked touching another boys private parts again. Before I realized what I was doing I had his penis in my mouth and gave my second blow job. I was petrified and asked myself: 'how did he know I would do that to him?' It appeared that my gang member, who I remembered vowed he wouldn't tell a soul, did!! I wanted to kill the boy and scratch his eyes out besides taking his small, bony penis and pull it off of his body. I have to a

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