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A better Employee Motivation through the Application of Public Feedback Processes Enhancing the Effectiveness of Job Appraisals von Worsch, Marek (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 02.12.2004
  • Verlag: diplom.de
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A better Employee Motivation through the Application of Public Feedback Processes

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The Diploma Thesis at hand considers the interdependence of employee motivation on the one and feedback and job appraisal processes in organisations on the other hand. Basically, today's job appraisal procedures have one major disadvantage. They rarely comprise more than a subjective assessment of employee performance. This assessment is normally carried out by an employee's superior. In this thesis, it will be argued that through the dynamics of bias and politics in organisations, the validity of job appraisal information is significantly distorted. Hereby, the effectiveness of job appraisals is affected negatively since they cannot serve as a reliable basis for personnel decisions. But more important, the distorted information is likely to result in overseeing or ignoring an individual's achievements in the workplace. Lack of appreciation of one's effort and, additionally, the feeling of being treated inequitably compared to co-workers may erode an employee's motivation. However, in a world of accelerating globalisation and thus increasing competition, a motivated workforce is the key to an organisation's success. The thesis will propose a potential solution for this dilemma - public feedback. This means that the information gained through job appraisals will not be discussed 'one-on-one', involving only superior and subordinate. Rather, the discussion is extended to the latter's peers. The prerequisites for and the proceeding of this approach to employee evaluation will be provided. Also, the thesis covers the analysis of a survey. This was accomplished to test the acceptance of a public feedback process among a sample of white collar workers. The results show a general acceptance and appreciation of the idea of feedback in public. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: List of Charts and TablesIII List of ChartsIII List of TablesIII AbbreviationsIV 1.Introduction1 1.1Choice of the Topic1 1.2Problem and Objectives2 1.3Methodology3 2.Employee Motivation5 2.1Definition5 2.1.1Origin of the Term5 2.1.2Motivation in the Field of Business Administration5 2.2The Need for Employee Motivation7 2.3Theories on the Content of Motivation10 2.3.1Motivation as a Hierarchy of Needs11 2.3.2Motivation as a Twofold Phenomenon13 2.3.3Money as a Motivator15 2.3.4Conclusions16 3.Feedback18 3.1Definition of Feedback18 3.1.1Origin of the Term18 3.1.2Feedback in the Field of Business Administration18 3.1.3Job [...]


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