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Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook Operation War Stories von Piper, Charles E. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.03.2014
  • Verlag: Wiley
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Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook

Get federal investigative insight and guidance on conducting thorough investigations and case-building The ability to conduct thorough and effective investigations is a skill that has become increasingly in-demand across many industries. At the same time, investigative resources are dwindling as markets recede. Regulation and financial hurdles impede traditional investigation processes. Even seasoned professionals are finding themselves overtasked or lacking the experience to pursue the types of cases that are accumulating. In Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook: Operation War Stories , author Charles E. Piper, CFE provides insight and guidance on how to conduct thorough and complete investigations while juggling a caseload. Piper served over 30 years in law enforcement-including 20 as an award-winning Federal Special Agent-Criminal Investigator. His wide array of experience allows him to lend a high-level perspective to the art and science of professional investigations of criminal, civil, and administrative cases. In the book, Piper provides guidance on conducting thorough and complete investigations (even with fewer resources) and spotting red flags that often indicate big-picture problems. Piper also shows how to: Identify the suspect's other wrongful acts (similar and otherwise) Identify similar wrongful acts committed by others, and predict future occurrences Identify systemic weaknesses, waste, and abuse Identify changes and corrections necessary to prevent future occurrences
The book includes Piper's real-life investigative examples to illustrate important concepts. Whether the matter is public, private, or military, the same basic investigative principles apply. Things that may seem totally unrelated may hold the keys that crack the cases. The Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook: Operation War Stories provides the acumen and judgment required to pick up on these clues and successfully conclude investigations.


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Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook


Growing up on the South Side of Chicago in the early 1960s through mid-1970s was a lot of fun. Actually, I don't think I ever really grew up. Having worked in the field of law enforcement and investigations for approximately 35 years (spanning from the late 1970s through current day), I've been able to combine two of my favorite things (and even got/get paid for it): having fun (while being daring) and catching bad guys.

I'm not quite sure if my career choice was more influenced by reading superhero comic books in the local barber shop as a kid or just by having a general dislike for bullies and people who harm others. Even as a youngster riding around on my bike with baseball cards held with clothespins flapping through the tire spokes, I had great admiration for law enforcement officers: specifically the patrol officers of the Chicago Police Department. Back then there were two large burly cops in every squad car and only one blue light on the roof. There were no cell phones in those days; but police call boxes with telephones inside were located on select street corners. Over the years many changes have been made in police work, but the ability to conduct thorough and complete investigations has always been an important part of preventing, stopping, and solving criminal activity.

After joining the profession myself and since becoming a private investigator, I've successfully completed investigations from coast to coast and even a few in Europe. After all these years, and having worked in so many different geographical locations, some say that I have more stories than Sears Tower. (Yeah, I know they renamed it; but it's still Sears Tower to me.)

The stories accumulated while on the job are usually referred to as war stories, and when told in the right environment, at the right time, those stories have often helped other cops, investigators, and fraud fighters become more effective in their profession. Sometimes they've also resulted in a lot of laughs.

The intent of this book is to provide current and future investigators, as well as fraud fighters, with my personal professional insight and descriptions of investigative practices, methodologies, techniques, and approaches utilized to conduct thorough and complete investigations. The method of communication will include the telling of many war stories.

I've been extremely fortunate during most of my life because most often I've been able to do whatever I wanted to do. The only exceptions were when I was in grade school and in high school; but even then I often did what I wanted (much to the dismay of my parents and teachers).

I got my start in law enforcement in the U.S. Army's Military Police (MP) Corps progressing through the ranks and serving as an MP officer, a squad leader, and an MP investigator. I also worked on the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Command's Drug Suppression Team. After seven years in the Army, I became a uniformed city police officer and then a supervisory detective while also going to college full time. After earning my bachelor's degree in criminology, I served for over 20 years as a federal special agent - criminal investigator. My office assignments included Memphis, Tennessee; Orlando, Florida; and Las Vegas, Nevada. During my career I've conducted investigations from coast to coast (from Los Angeles, California, to Washington, DC, and from North Dakota to Texas). At the time of this writing, I am a licensed private investigator, consultant, trainer, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Because of my childhood background, training, experience, use of appropriate tools and resources, and sometimes a little luck, I've often solved cases that many thought were unsolvable. I have frequently linked criminal activity that was officially reported, not reported, and sometimes not even p

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