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Swing Trading von Velez, Oliver L. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 22.10.2012
  • Verlag: Wiley
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Swing Trading

Oliver Velez, co-founder of Pristine.com and current CEO of Velez Capital Management, is renowned for his effective trading skills and specialized knowledge in technical analysis. His educational seminars are sought after by traders and often attended multiple times to extract every piece of wisdom from his presentations. Now, one of his most legendary sessions jumps from the screen into your hands in this coursebook of Velez's famed Swing Trading techniques. With detailed text and a vivid 90-minute DVD, you'll explore and master a highly profitable niche that exploits the two- to five-day holding period – a method too brief for large institutions, too lengthy for day traders, yet perfectly suited for individual investors with a mind towards success. In his captivating, high-energy style, Velez shows you how to: Spot opportunities using proven swing trading criteria; Define periods of market uncertainty and make the right moves; Discover key set-ups and effectively use moving averages; Read charts successfully, especially Japanese Candlesticks; Win by going against conventional trading wisdom; Understand and profit from understanding market psychology.
Only in this book/DVD course combination will you be able to fully absorb the wealth of material that Oliver Velez is set up to offer. The easy-to-understand definitions and eye-opening self-tests bring the information to you and the power to your trades. Don't end up on the wrong side of the market. Swing Trading is the perfect tool for the investor who wants to understand the forces that shape the trading arena. This presentation has been viewed live and on DVD by hundreds of thousands of traders. Now you can use this course to rise above the impulse of novice traders. It's the best way to master the cycles and win consistent profits. Oliver L. Velez , best selling author, trader, advisor, and entrepreneur, is one of the most sought after speakers and teachers on the subject of trading financial markets for a living. His seminars and speaking events have been attended by more than 60,000 traders all over the world, and his runaway best selling books, Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade and Tools and Tactics of the Master Day Trader, are considered must-read classics for anyone interested in trading markets for a living. Dow Jones dubbed him "the messiah of day trading" and financial programs on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox News frequently seek out his expertise. Mr. Velez and his lifelong dedication to bringing more awareness to trading as a way of life, have been favorably mentioned in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Forbes, Stocks & Commodities and a whole host of other financial publications. He has also been the subject of numerous articles and books written about Wall Street's most successful traders, including the popular book, Bulls, Bears and Brains. Oliver L. Velez is internationally known for founding and growing Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc. (a firm he started out of his New York City basement apartment) into one of the country's premier educational institutions for investors and self-directed, retail traders. After serving as Pristine's Chairman and CEO for 12 years, Mr. Velez decided to turn his full attention to the professional trading arena. His new training program called Trade for Life®, which includes a 2-day seminar and 5-day Live Trading Session with Mr. Velez himself, is designed to train traders to go beyond retail to trade the markets professionally. Today, Mr. Velez runs Velez Capital Management, LLC ("VCM"), one of the country's fastest growing private equity trading firms. VCM currently employs 260 professional traders who have been meticulously trained to trade his own personal account. Mr. Velez financially backs each one of his traders, absorbing all their losses, while sharing in the gains with the trader. Mr. Velez' vision is to grow his professional team of traders to more than 1,000 globall


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