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The Lean Entrepreneur How Visionaries Create Products, Innovate with New Ventures, and Disrupt Markets von Cooper, Brant (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.02.2016
  • Verlag: Wiley
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The Lean Entrepreneur

Leverage the framework of visionaries to innovate, disrupt, and ultimately succeed as an entrepreneur The Lean Entrepreneur, Second Edition banishes the 'Myth of the Visionary' and shows you how you can implement proven, actionable techniques to create products and disrupt existing markets on your way to entrepreneurial success. The follow-up to the New York Times bestseller, this great guide combines the concepts of customer insight, rapid experimentation, and actionable data from the Lean Startup methodology to allow individuals, teams, or even entire companies to solve problems, create value, and ramp up their vision quickly and efficiently. The belief that innovative outliers like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have some super-human ability to envision the future and build innovative products to meet needs that have yet to arise is a fallacy that too many fall prey to. This 'Myth of the Visionary' does nothing but get in the way of talented managers, investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Taking a proven, measured approach, The Lean Entrepreneur will have you engaging customers, reducing time to market and budgets, and stressing your organization's focus on the power of loyal customers to build powerhouse new products and companies. This guide will show you how to: Apply actionable tips and tricks from successful lean entrepreneurs with proven track records Leverage the Innovation Spectrum to disrupt markets and create altogether new markets Use minimum viable products to drive strategy and conduct efficient market testing Quickly develop cross-functional innovation teams to overcome typical startup roadblocks
The Lean Entrepreneur is your complete guide to getting your startup moving in the right direction quickly and hyper-efficiently.


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The Lean Entrepreneur



It's hard to know where you live on the curve. As far as we can tell, the arrow of time moves in one direction. You can never step in the same river twice (Heraclitus), and all that.

Change isn't constant. We change constantly, but at different rates, depending on where we are on the curve. Fast change comes in times of cheap experimentation. Massive new life emerged on Earth during time periods in which a convergence of foundational platforms, like the different aspects of Earth's biosphere, favored the emergence of diverse species, most of which failed. Massive new technologies emerge when the discovery and extraction of massive amounts of resources (water, minerals, fuel) provide low-cost industrial experiments, most of which fail.

Although our narratives of the past reveal eras of big change, those who lived during those times likely didn't see it that way:

"Hey bro, pretty cool, we're living in the Age of Renaissance, yeah?"

"Beats the Middle Ages, dude."


The life you live defines normalcy.

Is change big or little? Dramatic or incremental? Permanent or cyclical? Disruptive or sustaining?

No one can pinpoint where we exist on the curve. Is change over or just beginning? Are we at an inflection point? Up or down? Is the end nigh, or is the Age of Aquarius approaching?

A broken clock is right twice a day.

How can we know when we are amid big change? Listen to experts and incumbents. If you hear a lot of this, then be forewarned-"The times, they are a-changin'":

"Don't worry, it's just the business cycle; or, in other words, the next bus to pick us up will be by in five minutes."
"Will x be ubiquitous? Oh that's ridiculous; x is exactly what is already consuming your market. 'It's just a normal cycle, we'll be back.'"
"Piracy is killing us!"
The Lean Entrepreneur is about navigating change.

Whether what's emerging is considered the postindustrial age, an information society, or an experience economy, The Lean Entrepreneur aims to help you create products people want, innovate with new ventures, and disrupt markets. With big change comes big opportunity. We'll provide you with grounded ways to market-test your ideas with the right market segment; we'll give you real, tangible examples of how successful entrepreneurs are applying lean innovation principles; and we'll get you started right now and get you up to speed quickly.

We think of The Lean Entrepreneur as a field guide because it is designed to be brought into the field, whether that is your office, the local co-working space, your client's place of business, or the local coffee shop as you surf cyberspace, planning your conquest. Whereas a traditional naturalist field guide helps outdoorsmen identify the plants and animals of a certain geography, our field guide will help you identify concepts and ideas in the geography of innovation. At first blush, some of these ideas may not appear to be applicable to your business, but with an open mind and a spirit of creativity, we will demonstrate how these concepts can and will radically reshape how you bring products to market and, ultimately, success to your business.

The Lean Entrepreneur is a book of synthesis, of recombination, and, we hope, of inspiration. It is a synthesis in that we will show where several preexisting ideas about how to innovate, which initially appear to be virtual islands strewn across a sea, actually share connections and complement each other. And if we have done this well, a larger, more complete, and more comprehensive map of the changes coming and how to innovate now will have emerged for you.

As Henry Ford recombined existing technologies from different domains (interchangeable parts, the assembly line, the e

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