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The Roadmap to Successful Investing von Baysinger, Karrie (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.11.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Roadmap to Successful Investing

Karrie Baysinger uses her experience in the Real World of Real Estate in the 21st Century on a daily basis operating a property management company, buying and selling real estate, and teaching. She began her real estate career right out of high school using the house she grew up in. Step-by-step, she learned the ins and outs of what it takes to invest and succeed in real estate. Do your due diligence by incorporating the steps in this book into your real estate investment strategy. You will learn the same steps that have made her successful in Real World Real Estate-no hinting at other products you need to buy or seminars to take! The steps she took are all in the book so you can learn from her mistakes and successes.


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The Roadmap to Successful Investing

What? Plan for the Future? What? Plan for the Future? In a world where you have no guarantee you will have a job tomorrow or the plans you make for retirement will provide adequately for you, it does not make sense to leave your financial future to chance. History demonstrates you cannot depend on the stock market or the banking industry to safeguard your retirement funds. With inflation rates at four percent or higher, if your investments or retirement funds are not making at least that much, you are peddling backwards. You need investment strategies that surpass inflation. Real estate is one such investment. Economic analysts continue to warn Americans the Medicare and Social Security systems are nearing bankruptcy. Your only real hope is taking matters into your own hands and plan ahead through investment income. You might wonder what options you have. You determine your options by: - the kind of risk you are willing to undertake - how much research you are willing to do - how much money you have to invest - how quickly you want a return on your investment - your risk tolerance Real estate acquisition of properties that provide cash flow can provide you financial security if you are willing to do due diligence before finalizing your purchase. Real estate provides advantages as an investment vehicle when compared to other investments. - Cash Flow Production The main purpose for investing in real estate is to make money. Without cash flow, you have no income and you can quickly find yourself with a negative return. Many commercial and multifamily properties provide real income, making these options true assets and cash flow producers. Your tenants pay you to make the mortgage payment and provide upkeep and repairs. Utilizing a property management company can free you from the day-to-day tasks of interacting with the tenants if you do not want that responsibility. You can pocket a significant portion of the rent you take in once you pay off the property. You should realize, however, you must set aside a percentage of the profits each month to take care of the property, complete improvements and perform make-readies when you have a vacancy. If you do not budget for these expenses, you might find yourself unable to rent vacant units because you do not have the capital to make the unit presentable for the next tenant. A property that does not produce enough revenue to cover the mortgage and expenses, regardless of what you do, is not an asset. When it costs you money to keep a property, it is a liability you might need to sell, even at a loss. Some situations might allow for temporary losses because you know the negative cash flow is short term. Short-term situations you need to evaluate on an individual basis include loss due to vacancy or a period of scheduled improvements. However, if you consistently lose money there is a long-term problem, and if not quickly corrected, selling might be your best option. The longer you hold the property, the larger the loss. We will discuss how to reduce the risk of buying such a property in future chapters. A quick note here about the business aspect of owning property: Do not get emotionally attached to the property. You will lose objectivity and find yourself unable to see and make clear decisions based on the economics of the situation. I will provide more information on this as we progress, but this is a key strategy when investing in real estate. If you forget this or violate it, it might cost you a considerable amount of money before you finally understand this vital truth. - Appreciation. Income producing real estate typically appreciates in value over time, although housing values might dec

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