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ISO 21500 in Practice A Management Guide

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.12.2013
  • Verlag: Van Haren Publishing
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ISO 21500 in Practice A Management Guide

ISO 21500, officially published in September 2012, is the first overarching guideline for project management that presents a common frame of reference and a process standard. This international standard firmly positions projects within the context of programs and project portfolios and is the basis for further development of the project management profession. This book explains the background, the value, the implementation and the application of ISO 21500 for each type of organization. It describes what you, as a customer, supplier, manager or member of project staff, can do or maybe should do with the guideline. The book supplies answers to the 100 most common asked questions about ISO 21500 with the focus on the value of the guideline for the project management practice. The target audience of this book includes: -Senior managers and project sponsors, so that they gain a better understanding of the principles and practice of project management and therefore provide appropriate support and guidance to their project managers, project management teams, and the project teams; -Project managers, project management teams, and project team members, so that they have a common base of comparison of their project standards and practices with those of others; -Developers of national or organizational standards, for use in developing project management standards, which are consistent at a core level with those of others. -Consultants, educators, coaches and trainers in the project management discipline. They can connect various generally known and bespoke project management methods, models and best practices to the ISO 21500 framework as a common frame of reference.


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ISO 21500 in Practice A Management Guide

This chapter answers the questions why and for whom ISO 21500 is important.

ISO guidelines and standards almost always get attention in relation to thinking and acting within companies and organizations. They are proven to add value in terms of communicating and organizing processes.

Standards and guidelines will never be exciting for most people. It's like a controller's audit, not exciting but necessary. They help to make things transparent and linkable. Thus far they are essential building blocks for improvement and innovation in our rapidly changing society. Standards and guidelines provide a foundation for trust. Therefore, a guideline for project management is also important for the project world.

ISO 21500 serves as an overarching reference for all methods, models and best practices of project management. The guideline also provides insight into the context of the project management discipline. The guideline contains clear descriptions of project management processes. These processes form a good basis for communication within and around projects, and help to clarify the responsibilities of all parties involved in a project.

ISO 21500 provides general principles for project management, which one can adapt to suit the project at hand or the company in which the project is executed.

Figure 3.1 A binding factor in project management

ISO 21500 is, at this point in time, an informative standard without certification. It is not a project management method, such as PRINCE2. Because project management experts from more than thirty countries have been involved in developing ISO 21500, this guideline definitely has an international character and thus the potential to grow into a certifiable world standard.

Using ISO 21500 facilitates greater transparency, openness and involvement of the various stakeholders of a project. Because the framework is independently and unambiguously defined, the members of projects in which various organizations participate can work together efficiently on the basis of ISO 21500. ISO 21500 describes the processes and themes necessary for managing a project and the basic conditions that a project must satisfy. This will contribute to the successful initiation, implementation and completion of projects.

The guideline has been developed and is supported by most major project management organizations and can therefore count on a very broad acceptance. ISO 21500 is very significant for project management for the following reasons:

ISO 21500 contains the generally accepted best practices that apply to all projects. This guideline is therefore a good starting point for shaping project management practice for an organization, or as a document that can be used as a reference to determine the maturity of project management within an organization.

ISO 21500 is a globally accepted guideline for project management. In essence, this means a global project management language. By choosing ISO 21500 it will prevent any confusion that may arise between, for example, PRINCE2 and PMI proponents due to the fact that they use different definitions for the same project management products and activities. In addition, ISO 21500 makes communication between the international project team members in, for instance, virtual teams more efficient, because all participants work with the same definitions.

The existence of so many project management methods increases the risk that you can get lost in the multitude of alternatives. ISO 21500 is an ideal starting point for all individuals involved in the initiation of projects such as project managers and sponsors. This is because it is a framework for project management and not a method. Once

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