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It All Matters, 125 Strategies to Achieve Maximum Confidence, Clarity, Certainty, and Creativity von Cummings, Paul (eBook)

  • Verlag: Wiley
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It All Matters,

The all-encompassing framework for achieving the life of your dreams It All Matters presents a framework for the rest of your life. What are those dreams you would only dare to dream if there was no possibility of failure? How can you live a life of real intention and purpose instead of duty and obligation? This book answers these questions and more. Everyone has the capacity to author their own destiny; it's not our circumstances that shape our lives, it's our response to those circumstances that either propels us to great heights or keeps us stuck in the mud. Here, author Paul Cummings shares one of the most comprehensive goal setting systems ever put into print. Based on the key U.B.U. process-Understand who you are, Be true to yourself, and always be Unique-this framework gives you the power to transform your life. Through a fast-moving series of engaging stories, you'll learn how to question yourself to greatness as you begin to think in bigger and more positive terms. Professionals from across the globe have implemented this framework to achieve what they truly wanted out of life-isn't it your turn? This enlightening guide teaches you the revolutionary strategies that can help you make big things happen. Dig deep to find your real dreams, and set a plan to achieve them Discover the core principles the form the foundation for success Learn the art of self-questioning as a motivational tool Implement a comprehensive, proven system for getting what you want
You are one great question away from everything you ardently desire at all times. Are you ready to take the leap? It All Matters shifts your perspective to let you see the shining path ahead. PAUL CUMMINGS is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Paul D. Cummings World Wide Enterprises, a training and teaching company that has motivated and inspired hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses to make real and lasting change. Paul also developed Woople, a web-based learning system, to deliver an award-winning online video program utilized by thousands of students.


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It All Matters,

Where It All Began

The Power of a Single Decision

As I packed my bags on the morning of May 26, 1975, I had no idea that a summer opportunity would change the direction of my life forever, nor did I know this single decision would affect the lives of thousands of people that I would meet in the future. A high school buddy of mine, Richard Svetlecic, had convinced me to give up summer baseball, which was a big deal to me at the time, with the promise of making $2,000 working for the Southwestern Publishing Company, now known as Southwestern Advantage.

Richard had worked with the company the previous summer and already had something I did not have- wheels . That's right, a car! A car purchased with the money he made last summer while I played baseball. With college staring me straight in the face, the thought of buying my own car was the number-one reason that I finally decided to accept the position.

Preparing to leave on my journey, I replayed the conversation with Richard from two weeks earlier, as I sat down with my parents, to sell them on the idea. After all, Richard may have convinced me , but I now had to persuade my mom and dad.

Needless to say, it was not an easy sale.

George and Shirley Cummings were full of questions, concerns, and, of course, some very serious doubts. Today, as the father of five children, all of whom share my adventurous and relentless spirit, I fully understand all of my parents' concerns.

Some of the questions that they were asking me were easy to answer; however, others had required some creativity, as this was not an ordinary summer opportunity by any stretch of the imagination.

Southwestern Advantage, out of Nashville, Tennessee, offers college students an opportunity to sell an array of publications, including bible libraries, cookbooks, and a variety of children's educational books. The sales are made door-to-door, in various cities across the United States. Now, I was about to become a "bookman," and I was going to join a fraternity of exceptional individuals from all over the country who sold these books.

Little did I know how incredibly challenging, inspiring, and invaluable this entire experience would be for me. I also did not realize that what I would learn at Southwestern would ultimately take me on a rewarding global adventure. This experience inspired me to teach people all over the world and open numerous companies that have generated millions of dollars in revenue over the past 40 years. It's incredible to realize that a single decision has the potential to become a defining moment in your life.
A Little Background

In 1855, Southwestern Publishing House was established in Nashville, Tennessee. The company's name was chosen because, at that time, Nashville was in the "southwestern" part of the United States. Founded by the Baptist minister, James Robinson Graves, Southwestern Publishing Company had initially published The Tennessee Baptist , which was a newspaper, and it also sold various religious booklets by mail, for 20-30 cents each.
The Program

The company operates on a traditional direct selling model in which the student dealers participating in the program are independent contractors, not employees. Their sales revenue, minus their expenses and the cost of goods sold, solely determines the amount of money that they net.

Students entering the program are encouraged to attend a weeklong Southwestern Sales School in Nashville. While there, they learn the product line, how to make customer presentations, and about the company's requirements for running a book business. Students are responsible for the cost of their own travel to and from the training, and for their personal expenses, such as food and gas, along with $100 for company-subsidized lodging.

After the training program,

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