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Negotiating Success Tips and Tools for Building Rapport and Dissolving Conflict While Still Getting What You Want von Hornickel, Jim (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 12.11.2013
  • Verlag: Wiley
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Negotiating Success

How to execute win-win negotiations every time, in business and in life
Negotiating Success provides expert guidance on how to improve strategies and outcomes in negotiating anything in professional and personal life. With a constant focus on the mind, body, and spirit of the professional negotiator, this easy-to- ready text brings a holistic approach to the hard and soft skills needed for ethical negotiations. The result is a better understanding of how to negotiate successfully for mutual benefit by all parties. Offers tips and tools, such as how to use positive psychology to unite your team, emotional intelligence for successful negotiation, and how to minimize conflict Spells out the six principles of ethical influence Written by Jim Hornickel, the founder of Bold New Directions, a transformational learning organization that provides training, coaching, retreats, and keynotes across the world, specializing in negotiation, leadership, communication, presentation, and corporate training
Negotiating Success delivers an unparalleled blend of practical and explicit steps to take to achieve win-win negotiations, every time.


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Negotiating Success

Praise for Negotiating Success

"Jim Hornickel has crafted a book that requires fearless self-examination and a willingness to change how you operate. This book is filled with practical tools for professionals who seek to be more effective in a matrix structure. He doesn't attempt to assert conflict avoidance; rather, he constructs an open and systematic program to reduce the opportunity for misunderstandings and win-lose scenarios.

"Hornickel provides a straightforward approach to developing a comprehensive method to effectively communicate via a personal code of conduct and sharing that code with your collaborators. I'd recommend this for anyone who works in an environment that requires negotiations."

- Dietrich Thompson, HR Manager, Microsoft Corporation

"Negotiating Success is an inspiring book whose time has come. While hard skills are critical in negotiations, soft skills make up the essential ingredients that support mutually agreeable gains. Jim's blend of the two shows how to make the negotiating process human again. His approach on supporting the other in getting what they want invokes reciprocal behavior. This book shows that conflict is not inevitable for sessions to be successful. The reader will raise his/her emotional intelligence, learn the principles of ethical influence, and still come away with the skills and steps to negotiate intelligently. Hard skills with soft edges; that's the winning formula!"

- Michael Connor

Bridge Partnership, author of Insights of a Father , www.insightsofafather.com

"In addition to being right on target with teaching and polishing negotiating skills, this is a page-turner! Leave it to you, Jim, to create a great teaching manual and an enjoyable read! Nicely done, my friend."

- Jeff Eisensmith, Department of Homeland Security, Chief Information Security Officer

"This book is exhaustive, concise, simple, and accessible to everyone. You find all you need to know to master negotiation, techniques, processes, and examples.

"The knowledge shared with the reader is useful and applicable in many situations or moments we face in life. I would recommend it not only to a sales person or project manager newly appointed, but also to students and young adults starting in life, parents, and teenagers.

"This approach gives equal importance; first to the people, and second to the techniques engaged in the negotiation process. The whole negotiation is seen as a successful relationship between individuals and not a game you must win."

- Laurent Belle-Perat, Schneider Electric, Global Marketing, Saudi Arabia; Internal Marketing and Communications Manager, Middle East

"Jim Hornickel is a master at negotiations and relationship building. Throughout this thoughtful book on negotiation skills, Jim brings sensitivity to the negotiating relationship so that all parties feel honored and well-satisfied with the outcomes. Jim has shared his negotiation insights in a way that adds real depth and fulfillment to the myriad of interactions we have each day at work, home, and play."

- Suzanne Guthrie, editor of Managing From The Inside Out

" Negotiating Success is not just another book on negotiation, but instead presents a unique and brave approach to win-win from a genuine and human perspective rather than a clichéd one. It concisely presents the best in negotiation research and techniques and offers practical advice that will inspire negotiators in any situation to live up to the highest standards of their profession.

"Going beyond commonplace, overly simplistic and counterproductive tactics, it provides an innovative and thoughtful alternative. In an overcrowded category, Negotiating Success differentiates i

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