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Xcelerate Innovate your business model, disrupt your market, fast-hack into the future von Broadfoot, Paul (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 09.03.2017
  • Verlag: Vivid Publishing
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What if you could design the next global trend? Another enterprise has entered your space. A new startup has changed the prevailing way business is done in your industry. Are you scared? You should be. Technology is shifting so rapidly that it is driving new business models, bringing with it new market innovation opportunities. The world is full of books and methodologies to help you innovate from a customer need or a product development perspective, but little has been said and done to show you how to innovate your market - until now. Xcelerate flips traditional approaches to disruption and innovation. It's a fast, finite framework that delivers leaders of large organisations breakthrough results not just incremental thinking. Written from an Australian perspective, Xcelerate includes examples and case studies of leading companies and successful startups alike - such as Amazon Go, Uber, Airbnb, IBM and SurfAir. Waiting to see how new trends and technology will land is like waiting for the big wave at the beach to wipe you out. It's time to get out there and create the next wave yourself. This book will show you how.


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When did service stations become petrol stations with no pump attendant? When did they start selling Red Bull, milk, deodorant and hot cheesy wraps? When did we stop lining up at the bank to deposit a cheque? When did it become cheaper to buy new clothes than get them mended? When did TVs and appliances become disposable too? When did we stop getting landlines and buying CDs and then DVDs?

When will we know the outcome of the smartphone wars? When will we know who won the race to become lenders of choice in new-age banking?

When are we going to stop shopping at supermarkets? When are we going to stop paying to see a GP face-to-face? When are we going to stop turning lights on with our hands? When are we going to buy our first robot and a driverless car?

When will, 'When are we going to stop ...' become, 'When did we stop ...'?

If you don't start thinking about this now, then I can tell you exactly what will happen and when.

You'll lose your reputation for making the right leadership decisions, as the board loses its patience with you and your team, and your company downsizes or disappears entirely. You'll be forced to explain to your employees why their organisation - once considered to be ahead in the race - is now up shit creek without a lifejacket on.

'Artificial intelligence' will be the joke levelled not at the new robotic process automation at your competition, but at your leadership - a derogatory term for the 'old-school bosses'.

If you don't start acting now, then it's going to be too late.

The world will move on. The trend will pass you, leaving you rocking on the waves in its wake, asking yourself, 'What the hell just happened?'

Robinson Crusoe you are not. You are lumped in the same boat as all the others in big, lumbering, incumbent business today.

Maybe you're already in this position. Maybe you're already questioning why your sales are declining or asking if your future strategy is flawed.

Sure, once, 50 years ago, your business model would be good for another 50 years.

But times are a-changin', and they continue to change, like it or not.

The world has actually experienced this rapid speed of change before. But we weren't around in the 1700s, during the first and second Industrial Revolutions, to see that.

We weren't alive to see the first automobile roll off the ranks, to experience electricity powering our production and lighting our homes for the first time, or to travel by steam train instead of horse. Digital is doing to the world what electricity and phone communications did in the 19th and 20th centuries - only this time, the speed of change is on steroids.

Technology is changing everything, fast.

We need to remind ourselves that the car was once new, too.

" The advent of the telegraph enabled communication companies and killed the Pony Express.

" The advent of the locomotive enabled transport companies and killed stagecoach companies.

" The advent of electricity enabled utility companies and killed gas lantern manufacturers.

An interesting thing is happening in business right now, in the exactly same way it has happened before: new technology is enabling new business models.

We are seeing battles being waged not just along product innovation lines, but along market innovation lines. Markets are being created, expanded, shut down or shifted.

One tell-tale sign of market innovation is when companies enter spaces where they have no traditional footprint, or when startups change the prevailing way business is done in an industry.

" The advent of the internet enabled online stores for everything and killed Blockbuster and Borders.

" The advent of driverless trucks enab

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