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Optimize How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing von Odden, Lee (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 28.03.2012
  • Verlag: Wiley
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Attract, engage, and inspire your customers with an 'Optimize and Socialize' content marketing strategy Optimize is designed to give readers a practical approach to integrating search and social media optimization with content marketing to boost relevance, visibility, and customer engagement. Companies, large and small, will benefit from the practical planning and creative content marketing tactics in this book that have been proven to increase online performance across marketing, public relations, and customer service. Learn to incorporate essential content optimization and social media engagement principles thereby increasing their ability to acquire and engage relevant customers online. Optimize provides insights from Lee Odden, one of the leading authorities on Content and Online Marketing. This book explains how to: Create a blueprint for integrated search, social media and content marketing strategy Determine which creative tactics will provide the best results for your company Implement search and social optimization holistically in the organization Measure the business value of optimized and socialized content marketing Develop guidelines, processes and training to scale online marketing success
Optimize offers a tested approach for a customer-centric and adaptive online marketing strategy that incorporates the best of content, social media marketing, and search engine optimization tactics. LEE ODDEN is a recognized authority on search, social media, and content marketing. For over fourteen years, he has consulted with companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies on how to attract and engage customers with a holistic approach to marketing online. He writes for ClickZ and is editor of TopRankBlog.com , recognized as a leading marketing blog by Advertising Age , Junta42 , and Social Media Examiner . Lee has been cited for his expertise by The Economist , Fortune magazine, and Forrester Research . He speaks on integrated SEO, social media, and content marketing topics at conferences around the world including SES, PRSA, BlogWorld, Online Marketing Summit, and Content Marketing World.


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Journey: Where Does Optimize and Socialize Fit in Your Company?

Companies large and small, in industries from retail to manufacturing, publish content online with an expectation that a certain audience of people will find, read, and act on that content. While most search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts are rightly focused on marketing goals like acquiring more customers and increasing revenue, making purchases is not the only reason consumers use search or ask for referrals through social networks.

There's a lot of tactical advice online about search, social media, and content marketing for companies that want to better connect with customers, but that advice doesn't always consider the differences between types of companies or even content within companies. For the best return on marketing investment, it's important to understand that there are notable differences in tactics for effective optimization depending on the audience and how they prefer to discover, consume, and act on information. The very nature of B2C versus B2B or small company versus large company content, audience, and outcomes can be different, so the approach to optimizing content for search and social media must be tailored accordingly.

As an online marketer, you're charged with assessing internal resources, overall business goals, customer buying cycle, and time frame in order to make the best decisions possible with your resources. As you read on, watch for some of the things that best represent your business and online marketing situation. This chapter gives you optimization examples to understand the differences between B2B, B2C, small companies, and large companies. We will also talk about several rarely explored opportunities for holistic search and social media optimization of content: internal departments such as public relations, customer service, and human resources and recruiting.


J&O Fabrics is a small business in New Jersey that was historically focused on selling fabric through its brick-and-mortar store as well as through online channels like eBay. Dissatisfaction with third-party marketing costs in combination with a frustration over limited website traffic led to an investment in SEO. As a result of optimizing the website with relevant keywords and a program designed to attract links, traffic to the J&O Fabrics website increased 214 percent. The company's online marketing became more efficient and effective, allowing it to eliminate certain types of advertising and increase organic "free" search traffic significantly.

Stop there and you have a typical SEO success story. But Ryan Safady of J&O Fabrics understood from the start that content was the key to making the pages of his online store stand out for more than just search engines. With a keen understanding of customer needs as well as data from web analytics and keyword research, content creation and optimization were made part of the process of maintaining product content on the website www.jandofabrics.com . As a small business, J&O needed to use their resources efficiently, so when a blog was started, an existing customer e-mail newsletter was leveraged for content along with a free blog-hosting platform. Knowing what types of products customers were prone to buy online and in which season helped flavor content and optimization efforts on a mix of broad topics and more specific long-tail keyword phrases. The combination of making keyword optimization a process for updating and adding new content to the online store as well as offering customer-centric tips on the blog helped facilitate a website that became highly relevant for ready-to-buy customers, search engines, and other websites that link to useful resources. Increased content relevancy and usefulness inspired the kind of inbou

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