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A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.08.2014
  • Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic

A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic offers a comparative approach to examining ancient Greek and Roman participatory communities. Explores various aspects of participatory communities through pairs of chapters - one Greek, one Roman - to highlight comparisons between cultures Examines the types of relationships that sustained participatory communities, the challenges they faced, and how they responded Sheds new light on participatory contexts using diverse methodological approaches Brings an international array of scholars into dialogue with each other
Dean Hammer is the John W. Wetzel Professor of Classics and Professor of Government at Franklin and Marshall College (USA). He is the author of, amongst others, The Iliad as Politics: The Performance of Political Thought (2002), Roman Political Thought and the Modern Theoretical Imagination (2008), and Roman Political Thought: From Cicero to Augustine (2015).


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A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic

Notes on Contributors

Valentina Arena is Lecturer in Roman History at University College London. Her work focuses mainly on the history of ideas and political thought, its relationship with the practice of politics and the study of Roman oratory and rhetorical techniques. She is the author of Libertas and the Practice of Politics in the late Roman Republic (2012). Her essays have appeared in a wide range of scholarly journals and edited volumes.
Larissa M. Atkison is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto and is currently finishing work on her dissertation, entitled "Tragic Rhetoric: Sophocles and the Politics of Good Sense." During the 2013–2014 academic year, she will hold the Classics and Contemporary Perspectives Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of South Carolina. Atkison has contributed an entry on Sophocles to the forthcoming Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Thought . She specializes in classical political thought, rhetoric, and contemporary democratic theory.
Ryan K. Balot is Professor of Political Science and Classics at the University of Toronto. The author of Greed and Injustice in Classical Athens (2001), Greek Political Thought (2006), and Courage in the Democratic Polis: Ideology and Critique in Classical Athens (2014), and editor of A Companion to Greek and Roman Political Thought (2009), Balot specializes in American, early modern, and classical political thought.
Sarah Bolmarcich , after a year spent in Greece studying on a Fulbright, received her PhD in Classics from the University of Virginia with a dissertation on Greek interstate diplomacy in the archaic and classical periods. She has taught at the universities of Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas (Austin), and currently teaches at the Arizona State University.
Craige B. Champion teaches ancient history at Syracuse University. He is the author of Cultural Politics in Polybius's Histories (2004), editor of Roman Imperialism: Readings and Sources (2004), one of the general editors of the Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2013), and co-editor of the forthcoming Landmark Edition of the Histories of Polybius . He is currently completing a book tentatively titled Pax Deorum: Elite Religious Practices in the Middle Roman Republic .
David Cohen is Emeritus Professor of Rhetoric and Classics at University of California, Berkeley and currently the director of the WSD HANDA Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford and Professor of Law at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. He has authored Indifference and Accountability: The United Nations and the Politics of International Justice in East Timor (2006), The Legacy of the Serious Crimes Trials in East Timor (2006), Law, Violence, and Community in Classical Athens (1995), Law, Society, and Sexuality: The Enforcement of Morals at Classical Athens (1991), and The Athenian Law of Theft (1983).
Luuk de Ligt is Professor of Ancient History at Leiden University. He is the author of Fairs and Markets in the Roman Empire (1993) and of Peasants, Citizens and Soldiers: Studies in the Demographic History of Roman Italy 225 BC–AD 100 (2012), and co-editor (with Simon Northwood) of People, Land, and Politics. Demographic Developments and the Transformation of Roman Italy, 300 BC–AD 14 (2008). He has published extensively on Roman economic history, the history of Roman associations, and Roman demography.
Vincent Farenga is Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California. He is the author of Citizen and Self in Ancient Greece: Individuals Performing Justice and the Law (2006). He has published a number of articles on expressions of individ

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