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The Antebellum of Savannah von Bonner, Gregory (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 05.12.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Antebellum of Savannah

'Not guilty!' rang through the courtroom. Within days, the papers throughout the North and South were riddled with headlines about both injustice and justice served. It seemed this acquittal on charges of piracy for the import and sale of slaves was the final act that would trigger the impending Civil War, and Cal Lamar seethed with excitement over the thought of his South winning this fight as well. He had no idea that the fight he'd caused would kill more people than any other battle in history, and would unleash a carnage among brothers that would create a permanent scar in this nation's history. The lives of Congolese slaves and the crew of the sailing ship Rawlins become intertwined on one of the final battlefields of the Civil War as they together avoid being blown to bits by Union cannons and hear the words, 'The war is over! All the slaves are now free men!' The Antebellum of Savannah is a 84,598-word historical fiction set in Savannah, Georgia, around the time of America's Civil War. It has been professionally edited. It is based on actual historical figures and includes names, dates, and occurrences from that time period. The illustrations in the book were taken electronically and scanned through sketch software, so they are of real locations in and around Savannah but appear as if they were drawn in the middle of the nineteenth century.


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