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Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications von Bauer, Eric (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.11.2013
  • Verlag: Wiley-IEEE Press
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Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications

This book explains why applications running on cloud might not deliver the same service reliability, availability, latency and overall quality to end users as they do when the applications are running on traditional (non-virtualized, non-cloud) configurations, and explains what can be done to mitigate that risk.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 14.11.2013
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    ISBN: 9781118763285
    Verlag: Wiley-IEEE Press
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Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications

Figure 1.1. Sample Cloud-Based Application. Figure 2.0. Organization of Part I: Context. Figure 2.1. Simple Cloud-Based Application. Figure 2.2. Simple Virtual Machine Service Model. Figure 2.3. Application Service Boundaries. Figure 2.4. KQIs and KPIs. Figure 2.5. Application Consumer and Resource Facing Service Indicators. Figure 2.6. Application Robustness. Figure 2.7. Sample Application Robustness Scenario. Figure 2.8. Interactivity Timeline. Figure 2.9. Service Latency. Figure 2.10. Small Sample Service Latency Distribution. Figure 2.11. Sample Typical Latency Variation by Workload Density. Figure 2.12. Sample Tail Latency Variation by Workload Density. Figure 2.13. Understanding Complimentary Cumulative Distribution Plots. Figure 2.14. Service Latency Optimization Options. Figure 3.1. Cloud Roles for Simple Application. Figure 3.2. Elastic Growth Strategies. Figure 3.3. Simple Model of Cloud Infrastructure. Figure 3.4. Abstract Virtual Machine Server. Figure 3.5. Provisioning Interval (TGrow). Figure 3.6. Release Interval TShrink. Figure 3.7. VM Scale In and Scale Out. Figure 3.8. Horizontal Elasticity. Figure 3.9. Scale Up and Scale Down of a VM Instance. Figure 3.10. Idealized (Linear) Capacity Agility. Figure 3.11. Slew Rate of Square Wave Amplification. Figure 3.12. Elastic Growth Slew Rate and Linearity. Figure 3.13. Regions and Availability Zones. Figure 4.1. Virtualized Infrastructure Impairments Experienced by Cloud-Based Applications. Figure 4.2. Transaction Latency for Riak Benchmark. Figure 4.3. VM Failure Impairment Example. Figure 4.4. Simplified Nondelivery of VM Capacity Model. Figure 4.5. Characterizing Virtual Machine Nondelivery. Figure 4.6. Nondelivery Impairment Example. Figure 4.7. Simple Virtual Machine Degraded Delivery Model. Figure 4.8. Degraded Resource Capacity Model. Figure 4.9. Degraded Delivery Impairment Example. Figure 4.10. CCDF for Riak Read Benchmark fo

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