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How to Learn PHP, MySQL and Javascript Quickly! For Dummies von Besedin, Andrei (eBook)

  • Verlag: Andrei Besedin
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How to Learn PHP, MySQL and Javascript Quickly!

With websites becoming an integral part of businesses across the globe PHP, MySQL and JavaScript are the most powerful tools highly preferred for the development of dynamic and robust websites or web applications. Knowing the tools to be essential programming languages, PHP and MySQL offer an easy-to-learn, robust, open source solution for creating awesome content management and e-commerce websites. On the other hand, JavaScript provides support for the most current media effects. This topnotch guide book offers you the all you need to know about the three tools. This powerful book on How to Learn PHP, MySQL and Javascript Quickly (For Dummies) covers JavaScript, MySQL databases, PHP programming, web technologies and applications, and some other important information that can help in creating a superb website. Also, the amazing book provides some benefits such as: - Learning PHP, MySQL and JavaScript in-depth and addressing how they are vital tools for dynamic website creation - Exploring PHP and MySQL from database structure to complex quarries - Showing how to create a secure website, maintaining a high level of security, and managing cookies and sessions - Serving as essential reading for web designers - Great navigation index for reference guides - Helping you master the JavaScript The key to exploring the total benefits this success-driven book is to own it. No doubt, we might not offer the best information about PHP, MySQL and JavaScript and our weakness might be editing because we are not a native speaker. But we aim to help you explore each tool separately, learn to use them together, pick up web programming practices that are valuable and put everything together to start creating superb websites. The book is suitable for all budgets which means you can save up to $1000 getting it. You can try the product for seven days; it is 100 percent risk-free. However, if you are not satisfied, you can visit manage your kindle page and ask for a refund within seven days. You can obtain your copy of this great book about How to Learn PHP, MySQL and Javascript Quickly (For Dummies) by clicking the buy button at the upper right side of the page. Stop wasting time, obtain this product, and start creating superb websites that will turn into the center of attraction!


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