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Practical C von Zambon, Giulio (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 18.11.2016
  • Verlag: Apress
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Practical C

Learn practical C techniques, including often-needed algorithms within reusable functions. In this book, you'll have the following code and advice at your fingertips: layout and pre-processors; control structures, iterations, and selections; pointers and structures; databases; reusability; lists, arrays, FIFO and stacks; searching and sorting; recursion; binary trees; integration; string utilities in/outside of C; web serving using Mongoose; game application code to build a MathSearch puzzle; and embedded software.
Besides providing you with modules that you can immediately put to use, Practical C also teaches you how to leverage the C language in a way that beginner books cannot achieve.
What You Will Learn:
Avoid pitfalls that can cause intractable problems Handle lists and arrays Perform searches and sorts Binary trees Take advantage of recursion Handle exceptions Access databases Calculate integrals using numerical computation with practical applications Deal with strings in a convenient, error-free way Build a MathSearch game application, similar to WordSearch puzzle games Deal with issues specific to embedded applications
Who This Book Is For Programmers who have a general knowledge of C.
Giulio Zambon's first love was physics, but he decided to dedicate himself to software development more than 30 years ago: back when computers were still made of transistors and core memories, programs were punched on cards, and Fortran only had arithmetic IFs. Over the years, he learned a dozen computer languages and worked with all sorts of operating systems. His specific interests were in telecom and real-time systems, and he managed several projects to their successful completion.
Giulio's career took him to eight cities in five different countries, where he worked as a software developer, systems consultant, process improvement manager, project manager, and chief operating officer. Since early 2008, he has lived in a peaceful suburb a few kilometers north of Canberra, Australia, where he can dedicate himself to his many interests and in particular to writing software and programming books. Visit his web site, zambon-dot-com-dot-au, to see the full list of the papers and books he has authored.


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