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Minecraft Construction For Dummies von Cordeiro, Adam (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 16.10.2014
  • Verlag: For Dummies
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Minecraft Construction For Dummies

An accessible guide that makes Minecraft construction easy There isn't anything that can't be built in Minecraft, but it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. That's why there's Minecraft Construction For Dummies, Portable Edition . More than just a game, Minecraft consists of players using an avatar to create or destroy various types of blocks, form fantastic structures, create artwork, and do much more, all in a three-dimensional environment and across various multiplayer servers in multiple game modes. With this fun and friendly beginner's guide, you will quickly discover how to fine-tune your skills in order to construct almost anything you want in this amazing environment. Provides step-by-step instructions to help you build houses, boats, islands, and more Addresses how to mine the right materials for basic building Reveals how to build statues, beacons, and pillars as landmarks Explores how to develop your farm for renewable resources
Minecraft Construction For Dummies, Portable Edition goes where you go as you create a world you won't want to leave!


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Minecraft Construction For Dummies

Chapter 1
Getting Started with Minecraft Construction

In This Chapter

Coming up with ideas for buildings

Stockpiling your building materials

Managing your inventory

Starting off the structure

In Minecraft, you can build all kinds of different structures, and in many interesting environments. The basic concepts are simple (gather blocks and stack them), but you need a lot of practice in order to master the subject. In fact, when you first start out in Minecraft, you might find it difficult to develop a clear picture of exactly what you want to build, which materials you need, how big the building should be, and how you should go about constructing it. This chapter shows you how to build some basic sorts of creations, and how to get started with this essential feature of the game of Minecraft.
Evaluating Your Options

You can build lots of items using the blocks available to you in Minecraft. Here are just a few of the options:

Shacks and shelters: Many players start out by building simple little huts for shelter during the (often dangerous) nights. See the following section for how to build these shelters quickly, efficiently, and easily.
Houses and mansions: Many players tend to live in houses or even mansions. You can find lots of wooden, stone, and metal blocks in order to build these structures.
Castles: Some players like to build huge castles out of stone, decorating them with carpets, tapestries, stained glass windows, and other luxuries.
Underground hideouts: Some players abandon the surface world and build their homes in caves or other underground buildings.
Gardens: Players who want a more natural creation can fill grassy areas with plant life and similar decorations. Chapter 10 describes how to build all sorts of different gardens.
Functional buildings: Some buildings serve special purposes - you can make "automatic" farms that harvest themselves or have buildings that house machines capable of doing any number of things, like sort items or dispense potions, and other items to make your world look cool. See Chapter 12 in particular for details.
Villages and cities: If you're feeling ambitious, you can build tons of different buildings and then connect them using roads or pathways.
Floating buildings: Most blocks in Minecraft won't fall if there's nothing solid under them. (The only exceptions we can think of are sand, red sand, and gravel.) That means you can easily lift your structures high into the sky. It looks pretty neat - try it.
Artificial landscapes: Just as Minecraft's world generator can create mountains, trees, and rivers, so can you. All you need are the right blocks and tools, and you can create items well beyond those that the game initially offers you - such as trees the size of skyscrapers. See Chapter 3 for more on this topic.
Bridges and roads: These structures are, of course, good for traveling, but they're also useful for furnishing and connecting other buildings. Just think about the last time you walked from one building to another on a skybridge.
Miniature structures (statues and light posts, for example): In Minecraft, blocks are very large - two of them stand taller than you (as a player, that is). Designing small items in Minecraft can be a challenge, but it's fast and rewarding - and entirely possible with the right blocks.
Temples, parks, spires, and other aesthetic structures: In Minecraft, you can build anything that exists in the real world - as well as many things that don't. If you have an idea of a structure or decoration you want to make, chances are you can do it in Minecraft.
With enough practice, you can design any of these sorts of buildings

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