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Minecraft Redstone For Dummies von Cordeiro, Jacob (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 24.09.2014
  • Verlag: For Dummies
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Minecraft Redstone For Dummies

The indispensable primer for achieving redstone greatness Minecraft Redstone For Dummies is the complete guide to finding, using, and maximizing the power of redstone in the Minecraft world. This key element is essential for crafting and brewing, and can be placed on the ground as redstone dust - a flat, transparent block that can transmit redstone power, the major component of most redstone circuits. Written by a recognized Minecraft expert, this useful guide walks you through mining, smelting, and other methods of obtaining redstone, and teaches you how to make the most of your redstone stores. Craft a compass, piston, lamp, or torch, brew a potion that reverts to Level 1, or turn it to dust to help find nearby power components. Whether you're in Creative or Survival mode, redstone mastery is crucial for successful gameplay. Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon, boasting over 100 million players from around the world. While gameplay varies according to player preference, redstone remains a central element that allows players to build, brew and create as they advance through the biomes. Minecraft Redstone For Dummies teaches you everything you need to know about redstone, including how to get it and how best to use it. Learn which methods result in more redstone per attempt Discover how redstone is used in crafting and brewing Use redstone dust to build circuits and power mechanical components Understand redstone power, including source, levels, and configuration
Don't be content to acquire what you stumble across. Redstone's versatility makes it an indispensable resource in the Minecraft world, and knowing where to find it and how to use it efficiently can make all the difference in your gameplay. If you're ready to level up, Minecraft Redstone For Dummies will make you a redstone guru in no time.


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Minecraft Redstone For Dummies

Chapter 2
Getting Started with Redstone Programming

In This Chapter

Obtaining redstone dust

Arranging redstone dust to create circuits

Crafting special redstone items: torches, repeaters, and comparators

Powering blocks

Understanding how redstone works can be difficult because few games allow you to program whatever you want from raw ingredients. This chapter helps you program your first basic machines (from linking levers and doors to building simple locks) with the power of redstone dust. I also describe the fundamentals of using redstone throughout Chapters 3 and 4 , but this chapter is a good starting point for new players.
Gathering Redstone Dust

In Creative mode in Minecraft, redstone supplies are freely available. However, if you're playing Minecraft in Survival mode, you need to gather the materials necessary to build your circuit. The most fundamental tool you need is the redstone dust item. Redstone dust can be not only used raw as a simple machine but also crafted into many other redstone-based devices.

To get redstone dust, you need to mine redstone ore. In Figure 2-1 , redstone ore is the stone with little chunks of red material embedded in the side.

Figure 2-1: Finding a vein of redstone ore.

You have to mine deep to find redstone ore blocks - 16 blocks from the bottom of the world. In other words, your character's y-coordinate must be 16 at most, which you can check by pressing F3. However, at the correct depth, redstone ore is relatively common. In addition, every time you mine this item, you obtain at least four piles of redstone dust (as long as you use a pickaxe made from iron or diamond). With some concentrated effort, you can have mounds of redstone in no time.
Laying Out Redstone Dust

Redstone dust is the item used to craft most other redstone devices, and it's often the most useful tool you can have when designing machines. To place a lump of redstone dust, right-click the ground to place it there (or press the Use Item button if you changed it from the default). When you place redstone dust in a trail along the ground, it acts like a wire. In its default state, the redstone wire is uncharged.

A device such as a lever, tripwire, button, or pressure plate can power the redstone. The powder then begins to glow red and transmit power, activating connected devices such as electric lamps or explosives. Figure 2-2 shows a simple redstone device, in which a pressure plate is connected to three lamps with a cross of redstone dust. The redstone is activated in the figure because a player is standing on the pressure plate. (See Chapter 3 for more on pressure plates.)

Figure 2-2: The two darkened redstone lamps aren't turned on, because they aren't adjacent to a powered object.

As you can see in the figure, redstone dust can bend, split, and travel in all directions. It does these things automatically when you place it: When you put redstone dust in multiple adjacent squares, the pieces of dust connect to each other. To create the arrangement shown in the figure, place redstone dust on each square of the cross.

You cannot place most redstone items on transparent blocks such as glass, or on blocks that are a different shape than the standard meter cube (such as fences, beds, or slabs). Some mechanical items, such as pressure plates, can be placed on fences and the like, but usually for the sake of creating pretty furniture.

In the following sections, I explain the different properties of redstone dust.
Carrying a charge

Redstone dust can travel in all the intuitive ways, but current can also be transferred in some interesting ways. Figure 2-3 shows an interesting property of redstone dust: It can run up and dow

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