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Don't Quit Your Day Job An Actor's Life von O'Rourke, Marcy (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 04.08.2014
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Don't Quit Your Day Job

What is it that makes people want to be actors? Tom O'Rourke's irreverent, no holds barred, absolutely true memoir of his epic struggles on the road to becoming a working actor will leave you scratching your head wondering how anyone could be so headstrong? Passionate? Tenacious? Resourceful? But if you've ever seen Tom on LAW AND ORDER, or THE GUIDING LIGHT soap opera, or enjoyed the comedic sparing of Sandra Bullock, as Tom did when they co-starred on the TV series WORKING GIRL, you will be grateful there are such lunatics to amuse us. Excerpts at thomasorourkeactor.blogspot.com


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Don't Quit Your Day Job


Tom took this picture with delayed snap on our first trip to Vermont for Army Training film.

This is what Tom did in early 1974 in the months before we met, May 1.

Well, this is the unvarnished tale of an actor's life. He lived a man's life. Oh boy did he.

(The names of the girlfriends are changed to save them any embarrassment, and to give me a chuckle.)

December 31, Monday 1974 Omaha, Nebraska. New Year's Eve party at Gene Wiley's. It was -27° that night.

Jan. 1 Tuesday 10 am rehearsal for Cuckoo's Nest . (Tom played Chief Bromden)

First week of January budget. Blankets $10.00, sheets, $8.00, Dishes & cups and Pans-$15.00, towels-$7.50 Misc- $15.00 Transportation- $10.00 Note- Theater should of provided this stuff but didn't.

Jan 7, Monday to Jan 13 Sunday, transportation $10.00, Make up $5.00, Costume $25.00

Jan 14 to Jan 20 Sunday, Transportation $10.00, Gas $4.00, Cleaning bill $4.00, Entertainment $10.00

Jan 21 to January 27 transportation car rental $10.00 Gas $5.00, dry Cleaning $5.00

Jan 28 to Feb 3 1974 rent in Omaha $97.25 Food $45.00 per week, $180 per month, Makeup for month $10.00 Hair cut for month $10.00 Answering Service in NYC $12.00

Month of Feb in Omaha Rent $97.25, electric $5.00, Food $180 Transportation $40.00, Haircut $7.00, books and plays $15.00, Entertainment $25.00, Answering Service $10.00

No notes all of Feb. Rehearsing and performing.

March 14 Thursday - Got into terrible fight with director. I could of killed that Bastard.

March 15 Friday Met Myrna at party uptown. Left with her.

March 16 Saturday Mike had a spaghetti party and Gene, Myrna Hickenlooper was there briefly. I drove her home then returned to party and stayed up talking to Jonathan and Joyce till 9:30 am.( Sunday) Myrna wanted to talk to me about last night.

March 17 Sunday St. Patrick's Day got to bed at 9:30 am. Got up at 5, went and got Mike, went to dinner, drank a lot of foreign beer and watched a movie about Ireland and all these people trying to get on a train, We're Off . It was really funny. Stopped at Talk of the Town, then to DUFFYS for St. Pats drink. Then left to drive to Iowa to see Ms.Schmidekennick. Arrived 1:30 am. She met me at 2:00 and we till 4:00 Got up at 8. She had to work. I had to drive back to Omaha.

March 18 Monday Back in Omaha from Des Moines at 10 am breakfast at Chistin Café, then home did my laundry. Cleaned apartment. Called Myrna Hickenlooper. Went to Old Market. Lunch at Ms. Pub drinks at Mr. Toads had a fantastic time talking laughing drinking. She is a beautiful girl. I dig her. Got back to apt about 5 only because I had to do a show.

March 27 Wednesday After the show Mike took me to Mr. Toads for a birthday drink. At midnight met Don Sparks there and got my bottle of vodka and went to his place. He and his wife sang hilly billy songs all night and Don did every comedy routine he knew. Got home at 5 am.

March 28 Thursday (Tom's thirtieth birthday) Joyce, Jonathan, Gene, Freddie and Mike had a surprise birthday party for me. It was great, Jonathan and Joyce gave me a book and a small brown soldier that I always carry for luck and which has brought me good luck. Also Jane gave me her sketch of a hobbit. I love it. I in turn took them to Cambridge for drinks. Lynn and Bob bought more drinks. A good time was had by all.

March 30 Saturday Mike had his spaghetti party at Joan Edwards. I got there late. I was at the Cambridge entertaining the girls, Joyce, Lynn, Peggy Prichard and Barb Wolf. We had a great time, the show had closed. Lynn and Bob were sad, so was I. I real

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