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Love, Lies & Lessons Learned von Oeltjen, Michelle (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 24.10.2011
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Love, Lies & Lessons Learned

Michelle thought she had it all when she moved to the big city of Phoenix, Arizona: a new car, a hot boyfriend and a new job that would send her jet-setting around the world. But she soon realizes that not all in life is as it appears to be. Her job is nowhere near as glamorous as she expected, her boss hates her and her boyfriend dumps her shortly after the holidays. So when her co-worker, Nick, takes a personal interest in Michelle, she welcomes the attention and soon finds herself in an entangled, fiery affair. Only Nick is harboring secrets so deep that when Michelle begins to uncover them, she isn't sure how to tell the difference between fact or fiction anymore. Michelle's life spins out of control as she struggles with her job, rocky friendships and dealing with Nick's constant web of lies. On her twenty-eighth birthday, her world completely falls apart when she finally witnesses the ugly truth about Nick and becomes a victim of an attack so violent it nearly costs Michelle her life. Michelle now has to learn how to heal from the physical and emotional pain that encompasses her daily life, pain inflicted by a man she once thought she knew and loved. Through it all, Michelle learns valuable lessons on how to survive some of the darkest of days she has ever experienced. And while she might not ever discover the secret of life, she does discover someone's purpose in this crazy, chaotic world: hers.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 24.10.2011
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781618423917
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Love, Lies & Lessons Learned



"You've never been to Bike Week?" Nick and I were sitting in a conference room waiting for the rest of our team to join us for our weekly staff meeting. He was describing to me the upcoming Bike Week events in Phoenix that he and his Harley-loving biker buddies were planning to attend.

"No. Is that bad?" I was finishing up my Monday indicators before our meeting started. I needed to send them out to my co-workers ASAP or they would be banging down my doors demanding for it, unable to effectively start their workweek. At least that's what Kate told me. I had yet to have anyone send me any feedback on the report (good or bad) in the past three months I had been sending it out. For all I knew, they were chucking the email in the virtual garbage as soon as it landed in their inbox.

The two hours I spent every Monday morning pulling the data and manipulating it into a discernable Excel spreadsheet could have been better spent in my opinion. Such as emailing Angie to find out if she'd had any recent run-ins with Jack lately. The last she had told me, she had given him an earful on the phone and hadn't heard from him since then. That was weeks ago. They lived two miles apart so they were bound to run into each other at some point. I couldn't wait to find out what would transpire when that finally occurred.

"Yeah, it is. You really need to get your girlfriends and meet us down there. A few people from work will be there. You really have to see it to appreciate it," Nick said.

"We're not big into bikes though...it's not really our thing ." I paused typing on my computer for a moment to glance up at Nick. He was wearing a mischievous grin on his face.

"I guarantee you will be after," he said with such an air of confidence I chuckled.

"You don't know me that well then Nick. I'll talk to Chloe and Rachelle and see what their plans are for the weekend but if I were you, I wouldn't hold your breath."

I turned my attention back to my report, put the finishing touches on it and sent it on its way. Work had been going amazingly well since Jack and I had broken up. It shouldn't have surprised me. Typically when I had relationships disasters, work was what seemed to get me through.

A few years ago I had gone through what at the time seemed to be the absolutely most catastrophic event in my life. My fiancé and I were calling off our wedding. Three months away from the big day and he decided he wanted to get back together with his baby mama. I was devastated.

Amazingly, the insurance company I worked for at the time became a support group for me. My co-workers took me under their wings and consoled me day in and out. The menial work of taking phone calls from irate customers wanting to know why their yearly insurance premiums were increasing was an oasis in the middle of my personal desert. I could go to work for eight hours a day, five days a week, and forget about the emptiness that seemed to nearly swallow me whole when I was all alone with my dreadful, depressing thoughts in my one-bedroom apartment.

So again, engulfed in the pain from losing Jack, I turned my attention to work. God knows it needed it. While my social life had blossomed in the short time I had been living in Phoenix, my career had suffered. I knew Kate wasn't happy with my initial six months on-the-job performance but in our recent one-on-ones, she had been giving me a new kind of feedback: positive.

"Michelle, this is the type of work I have been wanting to see you produce from the start. This is great!" She beamed over a Power Point I had assembled on the mundane topic of capital reuse. I felt like curtsying and asking for my gold star. That type

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