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How To Overcome Anxiety and Panic By Yourself von Schoch, Sonja (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.01.2014
  • Verlag: GES Verlag Ltd.
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How To Overcome Anxiety and Panic By Yourself

Book Almost every person has either already experienced a panic attack in his life or has been frightened of something which could not be allocated to an immediate, rational danger or threat. Fears are - to a natural extent - part of our life as they ensure our physical sound condition and sometimes even protect the life of the concerned persons. If fears, however, influence life more intensely, impact the quality of life and lead to a withdrawal from social life, they can make people sick. . The Author The known non-medical practitioner Mrs Sonja Schoch and her husband Mr Rainer Schoch run a prosperous practice for naturopathy in Obersulm near Heilbronn. The couple Schoch has very thoroughly dealt with chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, ADHD, borreliosis and neurological diseases as well as their healing. They aim at supporting concerned persons so that those will be able to help themselves. They have developed special therapies against borreliosis, ADHD, depressions, chronic and autoimmune diseases which they apply with outstanding success.


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How To Overcome Anxiety and Panic By Yourself

2. What is Fear - Definition and Examples

In the first paragraph the term "fear" is factually defined. The following case examples will give you a more personal insight in the topic "fear" and give you examples of various types of anxiety. Maybe some readers can already identify with some passages in the text.

Definition of the Term "Fear"

Fear can be described as a state featuring aversion, discomfort and emotions. Emotionality is expressed by feelings. They as well as the entire situation in which fear is experienced are awkward for the concerned person. Instead of desire and well-being a rather contrary feeling will come up.

The Austrian doctor and depth psychologist Sigmund Freud (6 th May 1856 - 23 rd September 1939) established and distinguished the terms of anxiety and fear. He defined "anxiety" as a state which develops inside a human being. "Fear" on the contrary is a state provoked by the outside wold. Today the definition of both terms "anxiety" and "fear" is no longer distinguished, they are rather used in language in parallel to each other. Fear is the concrete feeling of being threatened, which usually is justified and appropriate. For this reason fear is often described as "objective fear".

The following chapters of this book do not mainly concentrate on fear although this is as unpleasant as anxiety, but caused by concrete dangers or worrying circumstances. Experiencing fear can consequently be considered as protection of the physical sound condition and the entire life. Thus it represents a required and appropriate part of our life. Additionally - even if we do not intervene - fear is a "limited" state. It disappears quite quickly after the respective threat or danger has gone. As we will point out in the following chapters, anxiety can, however, dig its claws into a person and substantially impact his life or quality of life.

If Fear of Fear is Increasing

The sun was shining; it was one of the first hot days of this year. Some cooling refreshment would be great now! Sebastian had already been informed by an SMS of his friends that they would spend the evening at the lake. It sounded quite inviting, Sebastian thought, but at the lake?! Only thinking of this idea made him panic. A lot of dangers were lurking particularly in the water. As it was not as clear as the water in the swimming-pool, stones could easily be missed. And goodness knows which animals would swim around him while he was in the water. What about passing sailing boats which might cause sudden currents? Sebastian was on the alert. Even he had really liked to be in the lake for cooling, this was out of question! The open air pool was a more convenient alternative. As he could see to its bottom, he exactly knew where he was swimming. Being able to overlooking everything, he could exactly check what was going on, while watching all happenings around him. The media, however, frequently reported of bathing accidents in open air pools. For this reason he always stayed in shallow water. But who of his friends was willing to splash around with him in the non-swimmer zone?

Sina was feeling in a similar way this day. Being at the other end of the town, she experienced the first real heat wave of this year. But going to the open air pool? This was out of question - also for her, as the sun was directly shining on her being in the water. This might lead to painful burns, even to skin cancer. And it was known throughout the world that skin cancer could end fatally. She was happy of having arrived at home on her way back from work. A car driver changing to her lane had overlooked her. It had taken quite a while until her heart beat had retu

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