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Why in the World Would You Want to Start a Band? von Peterson, Dale (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 03.08.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Why in the World Would You Want to Start a Band?

Why in the World Would You Want to Start a Band covers many of the basic fundamentals needed in order to run a band and how to navigate a career in music. Intended for novice and experienced musicians alike.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 03.08.2016
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Why in the World Would You Want to Start a Band?

Introduction For some, being in a band is one of the most rewarding experiences a musician can have. There's nothing like a well-oiled musical group playing together in tight rhythm and burning it up. It can be an even greater experience if everyone likes each other and has fun together. Some bands begin to feel like a family. But it can also be a challenging endeavor at times and the more information you have on your side the happier your experience will be. During the early years of my musical development, I was very curious about the business of music. I wasn't interested in studying business per se. I just wanted to know in general how everything worked. I didn't understand promotions or publicity or what managers and agents did. I was curious about how performances were booked, how to write a song and what goes on during a recording session. I was hungry for knowledge. I wanted to understand the entire process even if in a very general sense - an overview version, but there were very few sources in those days to learn such things. I'd read magazines and articles and that helped somewhat, but it was just bits and pieces here and there. I wanted a book that was written by an experienced musician who could give me an overall snapshot of how to run a band. Many of my early bands were disasters because we didn't know what the heck we were doing business wise. We were playing our instruments and making some good music, but we had no idea how to connect all the dots. As the years went by I found a book or two that covered the entire music industry from A to Z. They seemed to be written by scholars or lawyers and were very dry reading and it was hard to stay interested in them. I wasn't looking for a sterile technical manual with complicated terms and language. I wanted a book like the one you are now holding - easy to read, straight to the point and in plain English written by a working musician who's been in the trenches. Mind, Body and Spirit For this book I also wanted to talk about the connection between mind, body and spirit and how it all comes together when we play music and create art. I believe that music comes from a very special place in our spirit. Whatever it is that makes us who we are and make us unique from everyone else - that is the place where we create and it's a subject we rarely cover when speaking about working in a band. No matter our culture, nationality, race or musical discipline, we all have a spiritual connection to music and it's creation. Whether you believe in God or not we all have a fire that burns in our consciousness that drives us to create art and music. I hope readers will explore this topic and see how meditation and quiet time can enhance their skills and overall temperament. There are personal skills and disciplines needed when a musician decides to become a professional. I hope this book will give you some things to think about and to consider as you navigate the confusing waters of professional entertainment. Goals and visualization, belief in yourself and the need for everyone to find their passion, these are things we don't always associate with musical development. Etiquette and good work ethics are seldom covered when talking about music, but without good skills in these areas a musician may be doomed before he or she even begins. Who is this book for? It was my intention to create a simple, easy to read book for budding musicians and songwriters who are considering a career in music. This book covers some of the basic fundamentals needed in order to work in the music industry at any level. In my forty-plus years working in and around music, I've been fortunate to see the music industry from many different perspectives. With this experience, I hope to give you some solid advice and tools that will help you reach your idea of success and give you the confidence ne

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