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Theoretical Mechanics Theoretical Physics 1 von Dreizler, Reiner M. (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 05.11.2010
  • Verlag: Springer-Verlag
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Theoretical Mechanics

This book is the first of a series covering the major topics that are taught in university courses in Theoretical Physics: Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Theory and Statistical Physics. After an introduction to basic concepts of mechanics more advanced topics build the major part of this book. Interspersed is a discussion of selected problems of motion. This is followed by a concise treatment of the Lagrangian and the Hamiltonian formulation of mechanics, as well as a brief excursion on chaotic motion. The last chapter deals with applications of the Lagrangian formulation to specific systems (coupled oscillators, rotating coordinate systems, rigid bodies). The level of the last sections is advanced. The text is accompanied by an extensive collection of online material, in which the possibilities of the electronic medium are fully exploited, e.g. in the form of applets, 2D- and 3D-animations. It contains: A collection of 74 problems with detailed step-by-step guidance towards the solutions, a collection of comments and additional mathematical details in support of the main text, a complete presentation of all the mathematical tools needed. Reiner Dreizler, professor emeritus of Theoretical Physics at the JWG University, Frankfurt am Main. Studies of physics and mathematics in Freiburg (Dipl. Phys.) and Canberra (Ph.D.). Appointments as Research Associate and Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, since 1972 Full Professor in Frankfurt. Honours achieved are Fellow of the American Physical Society and the endowed S. Lyson Professorship. The scientific work covers many body aspects in nuclear, atomic, molecular, solid state and elementary particle physics, both for structural as well as collision problems. The publication list (together with co-workers from around the globe) includes approx. 250 scientific papers, 5 conference proceedings and 4 text books. A teaching experience of more than 40 years in all fields of Theoretical Physics and related mathematical disciplines is the basis for the forthcoming introductory series in Theoretical Physics. Cora Lüdde, studies of physics and mathematics at the JWG University in Frankfurt am Main (Dipl.Phys.). A break from scientific activities in order to educate a daughter was followed by intensive occupation with computational matters, in particular the design of web based applications. Extensive programming experience in word processing and visualisation languages as e.g. Latex, Flash, Perl, Java, Fortran - on Windows and Unix platforms. Co-author of 3 books with supporting CD-ROMs on Theoretical Physics at university level. Studies of pedagogical matters dealing in particular with the teaching of sience at all levels of school and university.


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