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Live a Happier A.N.T. Free Life or Your Money Back von O'Brien, John Lindsay (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.04.2012
  • Verlag: First Edition Design Publishing
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Live a Happier A.N.T. Free Life or Your Money Back

This book is presented as a coaching guide to explain how your author's more than fifty-year personal struggle to find the Holy Grail of personal development, emotional health, and a happier life has come true, as it will for you!


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 23.04.2012
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    ISBN: 9781937520816
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Live a Happier A.N.T. Free Life or Your Money Back


All that you achieve and all that you fail to achieve is the direct result of your own thoughts . -James Allen

THINKIATRY? Think what? How do you spell that? OK, "think" and then what? "i-a-t-r-y!" "i-a-t-r-y?" Yes, that's it, "Thinkiatry." These are the usual responses I receive when discussing the new system of self-therapy principles, process, and path.

Like our breathing and heartbeat, thinking is something all of us do, but rarely, if ever, do we think about how or why, or about the impact our thinking has upon our emotions, physical health, and quality of life. We don't really know all the answers. We do know that our breathing and heartbeat sustain our lives and make our thinking biologically possible . But our thinking "Automatic Negative Thoughts" ANTS determine the emotional quality and direction of our lives each moment of each day we are alive.

Wait a minute! "Our ANTS determine the emotional quality and the resulting direction of our lives each moment of each day we are alive?" If the way people think and their ANTS are that critical why don't more people know? Why isn't the way we think an integral part of our educational system's curriculum? Why have I experienced about 20 years of formal education without learning the way my thoughts and resulting emotions work? Why do so many people, even those with advanced education suffer from stress, anxiety, fear, depression, addictions, and so on? Why do about half of marriages end in divorce? Why are depression, addictions, obesity, and unhappiness so prevalent throughout the world today? Why do we treat the consequences of human emotional distress, not the root cause: the way we think ? Unless we learn that our individually unique ANT colonies exist, and how to exterminate them, the level of emotional distress in our society will continue to grow exponentially, as it has for decades.

Thinkiatry's Principles and Living a Happier Life

Thinkiatry's principles and processes are the result of more than 50 years of my personal struggle to find more contentment in my life and relationships. After several years of study and practice, my emotional life has changed dramatically, as I have discovered how to use Thinkiatry's principles and process many times each day to ensure my own ANT extermination, healthier psychological functioning, happiness, and living my life in the present moment.

As I became a confident Thinkiatrist (a disciple of Thinkiatry), I spent several years observing countless others in their daily behavior and relationships. I concluded that most of us have become victims, as I did, of our own unique, automatic negative thought systems-systems that allow the negative thoughts and opinions we have accumulated throughout our lives to control too much of our thinking, resulting emotional health, physical health, and level of happiness each day.

How many generally unhappy people do you encounter each day at work, at home, while shopping, while driving, on the nightly news, and so on? Thinkiatry's coaching principles and process will demonstrate that our level of happiness lies hidden beneath our generally accepted, "just the way life is," chronic, automatic negative thinking - ANTS.

Thinkiatry's first coaching principle is the principle of thinking, the way we think. This principle taught me several things I had, like you, never even thought about. First, contrary to popular belief, my automatic negative thoughts are not real unless I choose to make them real. A perfect example involves stress. Stress does

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