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Reel Therapy How Movies Inspire You to Overcome Life's Problems von Solomon, Gary (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 28.02.2015
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Reel Therapy

Reel Therapy DR. SOLOMON'S SECOND BOOK, VOLUME 2, ON THE SUBJECT OF CINEMATHERAPY® Who needs a therapist's couch when you can sit in the comfort of your living room and watch the movies recommended by Dr. Gary Solomon, America's leading cinematherapist. In Reel Therapy, Dr. Solomon-The Movie Doctor®-prescribes specific movies for you to watch in order to help you deal with all of life's emotional problems. From tearjerkers like Brian's Song to dysfunctional family dramas like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Reel Therapy takes the reader on a therapeutic journey to the heart of cinema's healing powers. Complete with cast credits, movie reviews, and psychological analysis, Reel Therapy will help you enjoy film on a completely different level. So if you're looking for an emotional escape or a few larger-than-life characters to empathize with, just pop in one of Dr. Solomon's 'prescriptions' and take in what any given movie has to offer.


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Reel Therapy

CINEMATHERAPY Many of you have already read my first book, The Motion Picture Prescription. It may have been The Motion Picture Prescription and its healing stories that lead you to Reel Therapy, my second book in a series of recovery and self-help books about healing and the movies. If that is the case, I'm thrilled you have come back for more. And so to you I would like to say, "Welcome back". Now that you've got the hang of it--how to watch the movies I have recommended--you will be able to get the most from Reel Therapy right from the start. You're going to enjoy these new healing stories as much as you did my healing stories from The Motion Picture Prescription . You will have at your fingertips 200 more movies dealing with a wide range of personal life challenges; relationships, emotional and mental illness, sex, drugs, food, gambling, adoption, foster parenting, families and alcohol to name a few. For those of you who are taking your first journey through my book of healing stories, welcome. I know you are going to be thrilled and delighted with the doors that will be opened to help you deal with your most personal issues and questions. You will find, as others have realized, the answer to many of life problems can be found in the movies. When I began working on the introduction to More Motion Picture Prescriptions and my next 200 healing stories, I struggled with the fact that most people like to cut right to the chase; they skip the introductions of recovery and healing books and go right to the heart of the matter. And while I know you want to get started on your journey, I think there are some important concepts and ideas to capture before you take on the challenge of your first healing story. With the understanding that you will be anxious to get on your way, I wanted to find a way to grab your attention before you started reading my A to Z prescription list of movies. I was in the middle of my book tour for The Motion Picture Prescription when the solution on how to get you involved in the introduction of the book came to me. I had just finished my third radio interview for the day, the 14th interview that week, when I realized that the questions the various interviewers were asking me were some of the same questions you, the reader, would ask if you were talking to me about the book; my answers represented the information that I wanted you to know. What I decided to do was to pull together all the television, radio, newspaper and lecture interviews that I've done over the previous months and share them with you. (I love some of the catch phrases the interviewers have come up with about me and the book; "A Cinematic Healing Journey"; "Flic-Doc"; "Cinematherapy"; "Reel Therapy".) I think you will find that reading the interview questions and answers about me and my work is a little more fun than your typical book introduction. By all means let me know what you think. So let's get started. Most of the interviews began like this: Interviewers "It's a pleasure to introduce our quest for today, Dr. Gary Solomon also known as The Movie Doctor." Dr. Solomon, welcome to our show. The Movie Doctor Thanks. It's wonderful to have an opportunity to be on your show. WBSM Radio--Fairhaven, MA Your book is a great concept. I've not seen anything like it before. How did it all come about? I mean... where did it begin. The Movie Doctor I believe it all started in my own childhood. When I was five or six I actually began using movies to escape from my family life. I used movies to learn about emotions and feelings--although I d

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