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Speak to the Void von Thomas, Rick (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.03.2017
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Speak to the Void

After the biggest battle Heaven had ever seen, God had to deal with a void-a barren wasteland, an inky darkness, a universe in chaos. What did He do to bring life out of the void and what can you do to bring life out of yours?


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 07.03.2017
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9780988609778
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Speak to the Void

I NTRODUCTION It was a little after ten-thirty on a typical South Florida Sunday morning. I was a young associate pastor sitting on the platform next to Pastor George Miller in Oakland Park Assembly of God. The worship time was about to come to an end and I expected Pastor Miller to get up soon and begin to preach. Little did I know that this was about to be an extraordinary Sunday morning. Leaning over toward me Pastor Miller said, "The Lord is going to do a great work this morning. Come with me." I followed Pastor Miller as he stepped down off the platform into the center aisle and walked over to a visitor-a young mother who was sitting next to a small, dark-haired boy. The boy looked to be about seven years old, and he had an eye patch over one eye. "What happened to your son?" Pastor Miller asked the mother. She answered, "When he was just learning how to walk, he tripped and fell into a yucca plant, and the sharp tip of the leaf was like a knife. It put out his eye. The doctors weren't able to save it. He has no eye now-just an empty socket." "May I?" Pastor Miller gently asked the boy, indicating that he was going to lift the eye patch. The boy nodded. The empty, scarred eye socket was revealed. Pastor Miller said, "Son, I am going to pray for you and Jesus is going to give you a new eye today. Do you believe it?" The boy looked up at him and, very gravely, nodded again. Even at his young age, he sensed the importance of this moment. Pastor Miller laid his hand over the child's eye and began to pray in the Spirit. Suddenly, something happened that I had never seen before nor have I ever seen it again. A little cloud of mist formed around the boy's face, hovering right over the empty eye socket. When the cloud dissolved, Pastor Miller took his hand away. Where there had been no eye, a normal, healthy eye was looking back at us! "Son, can you see?" Pastor Miller asked. With a huge smile, the boy said, "I see you! Mama, I can see!" Growing up in the church I had seen sight restored to the blind before, but this was different-a miracle of re-creation. Where there had been a void-an eye socket with no eye, just a blank, scarred, empty space with its purpose thwarted by the accident, there was now fulfillment of the wholeness with which God had originally created the child. T HE V OID IN Y OUR L IFE During the course of our lives each one of us will experience voids. A void is a barren place of purposelessness and turmoil. It may appear suddenly as when the child fell on the yucca plant, or it may be something which we have slowly drifted into. It can leave us dazed, questioning, "How did I get here?" "What's going on?" A void can come about through outside circumstances such as the death of a loved one, an accident, a company closing its doors, or a doctor's prognosis. Or, it can be revealed because of mistakes we make in relationships or wrong decisions. Voids can arise because you grew up in a dysfunctional family-or no family at all. A feeling of emptiness and despair may begin to surface. Turmoil and chaos can cause grief, sleepless nights, even physical pain. You may have learned to live with it, and tried to cover up your emotions so other people would not see how you felt. But, underneath everything, it is still there, gnawing at your bones. It has been over 30 years since I witnessed the recreation of that child's eye. Since then I have counseled thousands of men and women who have sought after every worldly and human way to fill that vacuum: workaholism, alcoholism, shopaholism, sex, drugs, food, money, egotism, power, fame. Not one of these things will calm the chaos or bring peace to the soul. People might feel as if they

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