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Testimonies of a Good God An inspiring Christian Story about Faith in God and Finding Hope in Jesus Christ von Merwe, Byron van der (eBook)

  • Verlag: Living in Victory Ministries
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Testimonies of a Good God

Are you dealing with a loss, fear and anxiety, heartbreak or facing a giant? From the Author We live in a world that is so busy, with everyone competing for our attention. So why should you stop and look at this book? What's so special about it and what gives me the right to speak into your life? Well, please allow me to tell you. This book wasn't written because I wanted to be an author. It wasn't written because I am qualified or wanted a platform. It was written because God put it on my heart to tell people about my story so my testimonies can help those who are still going through the 'test' part of their future testimonies. It's to encourage those of you who are stuck, stuck in life, and stuck in a rut. It's for those who are camping in the valley of the shadow of death instead of walking through it and into the feast that God has prepared for them. It's to encourage those who have been through a loss, those who have been rejected, those who have struggled with fear and anxiety, those who are facing financial lack and those who are up against a giant right now and can't see a way around it. There is hope, and God knows the path out. I've been through a lot of struggles. I've lost my sister, had my heart broken, been in an accident, been held up at gunpoint, had significant health struggles, and been through lots of battles, but through it all, I've seen Jesus and heard His voice. And He has always led me out into victory. I've also seen the deliverance of the Lord. I've seen God do miracles. I've seen God come through in impossible situations. I've seen heaven come to earth on many occasions and have seen God redeem situations that were meant for our harm and made them for our good. I've seen God speak and we responded and saw the victory He promised. GOD IS REAL,and when the Holy Spirit breathes on it, the Bible comes alive,and God shows you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is your deliverer, protector, comforter and friend. His word is the light to the path that shines the way and shows you where to go. So, I want to share my stories with you in hope thatGod can use them to lift youup and pull you out of the pit.Remindingyou that you are a child of the King, youwere born for a purpose, and you belong in a palace. Take my testimonies and hold onto them. Begin to phophesy the same victories into your life too. The same God who is in me is in you. What God has made available to me is also available to you. He has no favourites, but He does respond to faith. So, take him at His word and hold onto Him and when you feel like backing down, giving up or hiding away from life. Remind yourself that He is Good and He is God. He is for you and not against you. Have faith in God, He's got you and will never let go of you. So, go ahead and take a look at this book. Give it a try. What do you have to lose? God's waiting for you and calling you deeper into His presence. His victories are hidden for you and not from you. But you have to seek Him a little deeper. Oh, and by the way, 25% of the profits of this book will go to the family of a dear friend who's gone to be with Jesus (because life doesn't always go the way we want). But we can trust God to redeem and restore,and we can trust that somehow, He will always work things out for the good of those who love him. Book Accolades During the month of its launch, almost 3100 free copies of 'Testimonies of a good God' were downloaded with the book reaching #1 status in 2 separate Amazon categories. See author profile for more details. Recently, 'Testimonies of a Good God,' was featured on 'UCB2' radio, where Byron and Tammie spent half an hour chatting about their story on the Ruth O'Reilly-Smith show. United Christian Broadcasters (UCB2) are one of the largest Christian broadcasters in the United Kingdom and broadcast to over 50 million UK homes through DAB radio. About the author Byron van der Merwe is a charismatic Christian who


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Testimonies of a Good God


was born in South Africa to amazing parents. I was the middle child, having an older brother and a younger sister. Growing up we went to church, but for me at least there was no relationship with God. Most Sundays I would pretend to sleep in as long as possible so that I did not have to go to Sunday school. One of the few memories I have of church back then is that the pastor spoke about hearing God talk to him. At the time, I remember thinking, "God doesn't still talk to people."

Our lives as young children were fairly normal I suppose. We were a middle-class family with only my Dad working, and at times, there was "more month than money." Our home environment was good, nonetheless, and both my parents loved us very much. Life however, was about to change.

When I was twelve my sister Lynda began to suffer from very frequent migraines and headaches. She was eight years old at the time and after a few doctor appointments, as well as couple of weeks of constant headaches, they decided to investigate further.

About a week later, my parents said we were going away for the weekend to the beach. That Saturday morning, my mother and sister stayed at the accommodation, and my Dad, brother and I went down to the beach.

My Dad sat us down and said he needed to tell us something. He said the doctors had done various tests and discovered that my sister had a brain tumour. It was really big, and the doctors needed to operate as soon as possible. They had scheduled her for an operation the next week. The operation would take six or seven hours and she had roughly a 30% chance of survival.

How are you supposed to respond to news like that? At the time, all I could think about was how selfish I had been with my sister, how I always made her sit in the middle seat of the car and that now she may be dying. It's funny what goes through your mind when you are in shock. My brother and I both said we understood, but who at any age can really comprehend that kind of news?

The next week we were introduced to her doctor, and he said that he would do his best.

My sister was very calm. She had believed in Jesus since she was a little child; she would never let my Mom or Dad put her to sleep unless they first prayed with her and asked Jesus to look after her.

As I recall, she went in for the operation on a Saturday. To be honest, I don't remember a lot of the day, I only remember wondering if she would die and then my parents telling us that she had pulled through. The doctors had removed as much of the tumour as possible but were concerned that if they removed all of it she would be left with permanent brain damage.

She spent a long time in the hospital and when she was released, she and my Mom moved into accommodations at the hospital in Durban, where she was receiving radiation. My Dad, brother and I stayed in Pietermaritzburg, about 60 miles from Durban, where he worked and where we went to school. But we spent the weekends with my Mom and sister in the flat in Durban.

The radiotherapy had many side effects which left my sister feeling extremely unwell. It also affected her walking and due to the cortisone treatments it caused her to retain a lot of water and she got really big. This period of time was very difficult for Lynda and my parents. Unfortunately, people can be very insensitive. Lynda was often stared at because she was large and had lost her hair due to treatment.

Despite this the radiation seemed to work, and for the next year or so things seemed to be fairly smooth. However, my sister then started experiencing a lot of complications and ended up in the hospital for many weeks. During this time she had another operation to insert shunts that would release

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