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The Forest Through the Trees Church? Wow! Now There's a Concept! von Gregg, JJ (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.07.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Forest Through the Trees

This is very simply a collection of Pastoral Letters written to my Parishes, - letters that cover a time span of over 30 years. I don't really like reading or listening to dry or boring 'stuff', so I hope that you do not fall asleep while reading my efforts. We have all known that annoying kid who keeps asking 'Why?' to everything. I think that would be me. It's like when I used to ask why we have to devote so much time to Latin and Algebra in High School. The best response I seem to remember getting was, 'Well, just because'. The late Pastor Peter Gomes of Harvard University used to encourage people to ask, 'What's the point?' when confronted with scriptures that were hard to understand. In that vein, I often offered that very question to my Parishes. Like, - we have a church school. OK, why do we have one? What do we want to see happen? What's the point of our efforts here? Or, why do we, as Christians, worship together on Sunday morning? To that, I do hope that there are some clues in the pages this book. Anyway, putting this book together, and then putting out there 'for the ages' was a very cleansing and life giving experience for me. I may even do another! And maybe, just maybe, there is something in these pages that might just 'light you up' for a minute or two. Hey, you won't know unless you try. Peace & Joy JJ


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