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The Now Covenant von Hanson, Ted J (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.1900
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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The Now Covenant

In this book, I present insights into New Covenant understanding. The New Covenant is a place of relationship. It is not merely a place in history. In the New Covenant light shines OUT OF darkness to reveal the transforming power of Christ's light within us. It is a covenant that writes God's character, nature, way, power, and authority upon our hearts and minds. Our lives were meant to be physical expressions of the will of human souls made alive by the human spirit, which is made alive by the Spirit of God from within. In the New Covenant we receive right passions, right desire, and right fire. True decision doesn't come from instruction; it comes from love and passion. The New Covenant is a NOW Covenant. When something is not NOW it is not new. When we experience Christ's life within our hearts we know that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. The highest form of communication is the voice of he Holy Spirit speaking in the human heart. We are the family of God. Living in the New Covenant is more than merely living with the power of God in our lives. It is living in a personal relationship with God every day of our lives. Living in the New Covenant is more about being dependent upon the One who is righteous than it is in being right. Man was born to be loved by God and thus live in a continual relationship of responding to the love of God. Only in Christ can we discover the liberty of being able to respond to the love of God. The New Covenant is a covenant that celebrates the life of God in our lives each day.


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The Now Covenant

P reface I have written this book in regard to the New Covenant life given to us in Christ. I have chosen to call it The NOW Covenant to express a simple truth concerning the New Covenant given to us. You will see why as you read. My prayer is that those reading this book will not just read about the New Covenant, but will experience it in greater and increasing measures as they discover the truths that I have presented. What is the New Covenant? Is the New Covenant a time in history when Jesus died on a cross, rose from the dead, and implemented a new way of living? Many people view the New Covenant as an event in history and thus they think they can live in New Covenant simply by default. Is it possible to live in the Old Covenant in a New Covenant time? What is the difference between Old Covenant and New Covenant ministry? I have been a believer in Christ for over forty-two years. I have been married for over thirty-eight years. My wife and I have been parents for over thirty-six years. We have now been grandparents for several years. In ministry, I was a worship leader and director with fifteen years of experience before I became a pastor and eventually a minister to the body of Christ at large. I pioneered and led a local church ministry for twenty years based upon the truths presented in this book. I am now a servant to the body of Christ globally and I minister New Covenant life and grace to many congregations throughout the world. The strength of my personal relationship with God, my covenant with my wife, my ability as a parent, my substance as a grandparent, my anointing as a church leader, and my skill as a spiritual father are all based upon a revelation of New Covenant ministry. This book is based upon my personal life as a believer and as a leader. I have walked out the principles presented in this book and I have taught them for many years. I have studied God's word in depth concerning the subject of the New Covenant and I have sought to demonstrate my findings in the living testimony of my life, my family, and my responsibilities in the local church and to the body of Christ. My purpose in writing this book has been to share from my heart New Covenant secrets that will inspire truth in regard to understanding this subject and an enactment of its true reality. My aim is to activate the substance of New Covenant life in those who read this book, not merely present material for information. My objective is to transform the body of Christ from Old Covenant thinking to a revolution of New Covenant realities. I hope to activate, facilitate, and release a New Covenant Spirit in the nations and generations of men on planet earth. I believe that this book will prove to be important for anyone who reads it. I believe it will prove to be an essential resource to those who are involved in leadership in church ministries of any kind. I also believe that this book offers essential secrets to life for any person in their daily walk as a human being. I believe that this book will inspire healthy marriages, healthy families, healthy churches, and healthy people in an everyday world. I begin by presenting truth in regard to the New Covenant as a NOW reality in the life of all in Christ. What is the testimony of New Covenant Life? What does it mean to have Christ living inside of you? What is the power of the New Covenant? What is God's desire concerning the New Covenant? In the first two chapters I present truth in regard to being the priesthood of believers. As priests before God we become facilitators of the life of God. Should we focus on visitations of God and revivals of God in the earth? What are the responsibilities of New Covenant priests? I write concerning the anointing oil. Is there a difference between the anointing and the anointing oil? If so, how do we discover the mystery of New Covenant li

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