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Twenty-First Century Parables von Richards, Troy (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2016
  • Verlag: BookBaby
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Twenty-First Century Parables

A collection of the parables of Jesus retold for a twenty-first century audience.


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    Erscheinungsdatum: 01.03.2016
    Sprache: Englisch
    ISBN: 9781483563411
    Verlag: BookBaby
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Twenty-First Century Parables

The Lost Lottery Ticket 1 Diane Wilson did not have an easy life. Most women would tell you that a husband that works seventy-five hours a week was more than enough to drive you crazy. Diane also had two small children, six and two, who took up all of her day. The usual chores around the house were enough to keep her busy, but a little cowboy romping around the living room right before daddy was supposed to be home along with the most beautiful little girl until the terrible two's kicked in made things excruciatingly hard to handle. It hadn't always been like this. Originally Diane had been working as a secretary at a reputable law office in the city. Her and her husband John had been doing quite well for themselves. He was working as a building contractor whose work was requested all over the state. She was working just enough to keep her happy while pulling in enough extra money to save up for that house they both dreamed of having. In a heartbeat that was all gone. Diane had gotten pregnant with Roger. It was a blessing and they both loved their son dearly, but then came the surprises. Roger needing Mommy to be home all the time forcing her to quit her job and go shopping a little less frequently. John being given the choice to transfer out of state at a pay-loss or losing his job, to which he promptly got another job as a low level architect with one of the smaller firms in town. Then there was loveable Janet. She was the most adorable baby at first, but now at age two with an ADD older brother Diane thought she was going to lose her mind. There were the added financial responsibilities as well. Two kids in an apartment was too much to take day after day so instead of buying their dream house Diane and John had to buy a house they could afford now. With John changing careers and Diane selling her SUV to cover the down payment of their new home money was stretched further than they ever thought possible. Diane even had a few loans from her parents that she didn't dare tell John about. Diane had lost all sense of freedom. The days where time and money seemed to be everywhere were gone. Now she was lucky to have a half hour to watch TV and her $2 lottery ticket she got each week. Her numbers were always the same. All their ages and the number of years her and John had been married. It was something all the housewives in the neighborhood did, Diane took part to feel included. Her Saturdays were all the same now. After dropping off the kids at Amanda's the girls would all go out for coffee (another small indulgence that John wasn't too thrilled about) and discuss the week. The lottery numbers were always announced the night before but all of them were too busy to watch for them. Instead they liked the excitement of reading them in the paper the next morning. Sure, that left them less than ten hours to claim the prize, but they never won. It was all for sheer fun. Diane and Amanda arrived at the table a little late. Diane always wondered how Amanda could manage to get her husband to look after the kids Saturday mornings but never had the courage to ask. The two of them sat down next to Margaret and Jill and ordered the usual, a black coffee for Diane and a bagel with cream cheese and a tea for Amanda. The conversation soon turned to its usual topics. Kids, school, activities the kids were in, their husbands, what they did all week. Usually Diane contributed but fell quiet to the excitement of the week. Jill and her husband had gone out for dinner last night to that new restaurant on the north side of town and said it was "exquisite". Margaret and Amanda both had done little because they were planning on going out of town tonight until Monday morning. "It sure must be nice to have a job where they let you come in a little late," Diane thought to herself knowing John's company would never allow it. As usual Ma

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