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Islamic Folklore Ababil The Flock of Birds von Xenoryuki, Muhammad (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13.03.2016
  • Verlag: Publishdrive
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Islamic Folklore Ababil The Flock of Birds

'And He sent against them birds, in flocks. Striking them with stones of Sijjil (baked clay). And made them like an empty field of stalks (of which the corn has been eaten up by cattle). '(Al-Fil: 3-5)
While meekness is a characteristic of most visual creatures in the universe, then the frightful horror constitutes a characteristic of their unknown counterparts. I will not say anything else ...I am not allowed to talk about myself. My reality encloses a secret which if it is revealed to any creature, his blood will freeze and he will cease to exist out of fright. I am one of the Ababil the Flocks of Birds, that was mentioned in the Qur'an. I am the Commander of Communications among the six wings of the Eighth Army of these birds. The number of armies is a secret as well as the number of birds in the Eighth Army. We launch wars only at the order of Almighty Allah. I will not say how many missions we have carried out, for this matter belongs only to Almighty Allah. 'Every day He has a matter to bring forth (such as giving honor to some, disgrace to some, life to some, death to some, etc.)!' All what I can say is that those missions were known to the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds. As for us creatures, there are cascading curtains and thick barriers that separate between them and us and this is because of Allah's mercy to His servants.


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