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Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics von Smith, Ian (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 08.09.2014
  • Verlag: Wiley-Blackwell
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Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics

The 9 th edition maintains the content on all soil mechanics subject areas - groundwater flow, soil physical properties, stresses, shear strength, consolidation and settlement, slope stability, retaining walls, shallow and deep foundations, highways, site investigation - but has been expanded to include a detailed explanation of how to use Eurocode 7 for geotechnical design. The key change in this new edition is the expansion of the content covering Geotechnical Design to Eurocode 7. Redundant material relating to the now defunct British Standards - no longer referred to in degree teaching - has been removed. Building on the success of the earlier editions, this 9 th edition of Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics brings additional material on geotechnical design to Eurocode 7 in an understandable format. Many worked examples are included to illustrate the processes for performing design to this European standard. Significant updates throughout the book have been made to reflect other developments in procedures and practices in the construction and site investigation industries. More worked examples and many new figures have been provided throughout. The illustrations have been improved and the new design and layout of the pages give a lift. unique content to illustrate the use of Eurocode 7 with essential guidance on how to use the now fully published code clear content and well-organised structure takes complicated theories and processes and presents them in easy-to-understand formats book's website offers examples and downloads to further understanding of the use of Eurocode 7 Ian Smith had several years' practical experience of site investigation and geotechnical consultancy before becoming a lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University. He is now Head of the School of Engineering and the Built Environment. Widely recognised as an authority on the use of Eurocode 7, he has delivered keynote presentations and CPD courses on geotechnical design to Eurocode 7 in several countries throughout the world.


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Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics

Notation Index

The following is a list of the more important symbols used in the text.
A Area, pore pressure coefficient A′ Effective foundation area Ab Area of base of pile As Area of surface of embedded length of pile shaft B Width, diameter, pore pressure coefficient, foundation width B′ Effective foundation width C Cohesive force, constant Ca Area ratio CC Compression index, soil compressibility CN SPT Correction factor Cr Static cone resistance Cs Constant of compressibility Cu Uniformity coefficient Cv Void fluid compressibility D Diameter, depth factor, foundation depth, embedded length of pile DW Depth of groundwater table Dr Relative density D1, D2 Cutting shoe diameters D10 Effective particle size E Modulus of elasticity, efficiency of pile group Ed Eurocode 7 design value of effect of actions Edst;d Eurocode 7 design value of effect of destabilising actions Estb;d Eurocode 7 design value of effect of stabilising actions EM Pressuremeter modulus Er SPT Energy ratio F Factor of safety Fb Factor of safety on pile base resistance Fc;d Eurocode 7 design axial compression load on a pile Fd Eurocode 7 design value of an action Frep Eurocode 7 representative value of an action Fs Factor of safety on pile shaft resistance Gdst;d Eurocode 7 design value of destabilising permanent vertical action (uplift) Gs Particle specific gravity Gstb;d Eurocode 7 design value of stabilising permanent vertical action (uplift) Eurocode 7 design value of stabilising permanent vertical action (heave) GWL Groundwater level H Thickness, height, horizontal load I Index, moment of inertia ID Density index IL Liquidity index IP Plasticity index I σ Vertical stress influence factor K Factor, ratio of σ 3/ σ 1 Ka Coefficient of active earth pressure K0 Coefficient of earth pressure at rest Kp Coefficien

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