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Fiber Optic Sensors An Introduction for Engineers and Scientists

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 11.10.2011
  • Verlag: Wiley
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Fiber Optic Sensors

Since the technology has moved strongly into a number of different areas a textbook of this sort could be used by a wide variety of academic departments including physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering and bioengineering. To make the second edition as widely appealing as possible a series of significant upgrades were made.
1. The book is structured to support a variety of academic programs and it can also be used as a general reference by practicing engineers and scientists.
2. The introductory chapter has been revised to outline the new content of the second edition and provide a overview of the current status of fiber optic sensor technology.
3. A new, extensive chapter has been added covering fiber optic grating sensor technology and its application to aerospace, civil structures, oil and gas and power generating applications.
4. A second new chapter has been added on the emerging field of biomedical fiber optic sensors. This is one of the most rapidly growing fields of use for fiber optic sensors and with rising health costs and medical advances promises to be an important area for many years to come.

ERIC UDD is President of Columbia Gorge Research, a company he founded in 2005 to promote fiber optic sensor technology. With over thirty years of experience in the fiber optic sensor field, he has made fundamental contributions to fiber rotation, acceleration, acoustic, pressure, strain, vibration, temperature, humidity, and corrosion sensors. Previously at McDonnell Douglas, Udd managed more than thirty government and commercial programs on fiber optic sensors. He has more than 150 publications and more than forty U.S. patents. Udd is a Fellow of McDonnell Douglas, SPIE, and the OSA. He received the David Richardson Medal from the OSA for work on fiber optic sensors and smart structures.
WILLIAM B. SPILLMAN Jr, PhD, has worked in the field of fiber optic sensors since its inception in the 1970s. He helped to conceive and develop fiber optic sensors based variously on frustrated total internal reflection, relative fiber motion, relative motion of two diffraction gratings, the photoelastic effect, modal interference, magneto-optic materials, and linearly chirped diffraction gratings. He has more than 180 publications and 46 U.S. patents. Dr. Spillman is a fellow of the SPIE and the Institute of Physics, and is the recipient of a Simmonds Precision Founders Award and a lifetime achievement award from the SPIE for his work in smart structures and materials.


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