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Pastoral Australia Fortunes, Failures & Hard Yakka: A Historical Overview 1788-1967 von Pearson, Michael (eBook)

  • Erscheinungsdatum: 27.04.2010
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Pastoral Australia

Pastoral Australia tells the story of the expansion of Australia's pastoral industry,how it drove European settlement and involved Aboriginal people in the new settlersociety. The rural life that once saw Australia 'ride on the sheep's back' is no longer whatdefines us, yet it is largely our history as a pastoral nation that has endured inheritage places and which is embedded in our self-image as Australians. The challenges of sustaining a pastoral industry in Australia make a compellingstory of their own. Developing livestock breeds able to prosper in the Australianenvironment was an ongoing challenge, as was getting wool and meat to market. Many stock routes, wool stores, abattoirs, wharf facilities, railways, roads, and riverand ocean transport systems that were developed to link the pastoral interior withthe urban and market infrastructure still survive. Windmills, fences, homesteads,shearing sheds, bores, stock yards, travelling stock routes, bush roads andrailheads all changed the look of the country. These features of our landscape forman important part of our heritage. They are symbols of a pastoral Australia, and ofthe foundations of our national identity, which will endure long into the future.


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