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Ice Microfluidics
Ice Microfluidics
Inagawa, Arinori
89,24 €
Nanomechanics of Graphene and Design of Graphene Composites
Gravitational Theories Beyond General Relativity
Utilization of Renormalized Mean-Field Theory upon Novel Quantum Materials
Congestion Control for 6LoWPAN Wireless Sensor Networks: Toward the Internet of Things
Non-equilibrium Many-body States in Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dots
Electronic States of Narrow-Gap Semiconductors Under Multi-Extreme Conditions
Manipulation of Surface Waves through Metasurfaces
Manipulation of Surface Waves through Metasurfaces
Junior Mencagli, Mario
130,89 €
Design of Novel Biosensors for Optical Sensing and Their Applications in Environmental Analysis
Energy Consumption, Chemical Use and Carbon Footprints of Wastewater Treatment Alternatives
Flash Computation and EoS Modelling for Compositional Thermal Simulation of Flow in Porous Media
Energy Transfer Processes in Polynuclear Lanthanide Complexes